There is no good tooth brushing without a good toothbrush

Our manual toothbrushes provide all you need from comfort to interdental cleaning, from whitening to gum care

NEW IN: specialised toothbrushes with extra-wide heads

edelwhite swiss-made toothbrush for healthy teeth and gums. Extra wide head and ergonomic handle.


The foolproof key to healthy gums

Pick it up and:

  • Sweep: the wider head brushes your neglected gums as well as your teeth

  • Dive: the UltraSoft bristles deeply clean all around without you even having to think about it

  • Relax: the wide and flexible handle makes brushing quicker and more comfortable to use than conventional toothbrushes


edel white swiss toothbrush for cleaning orthodontic braces. Extra wide head and ergonomic handle.


For braces and spaces

With Pro-Ortho, you can:

  • Brush everything in one: its wide head cleans tooth, gum and braces at once

  • Be tough on braces: inner bristles deeply clean braces while outer ones brush along the gum line

  • Give it a squeeze: its flexible handle makes it easier to guide the brush around the mouth


The Flosserbrush Family

edel white Swiss-made ultra-soft Flosserbrush for deep cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums in multiple colours

UltraSoft Flosserbrush

Lightly flexible with UltraSoft tapered bristles

The first toothbrush that responds to you. As you brush your teeth, the UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles respond by expanding your movements into each interdental space. When you brush with too much pressure, the handle of the Flosserbrush flexes away from the teeth protecting your gums.


Intensive Flosserbrush

Durable bristles and a flexible handle

The Intensive Flosserbrush unlocks your potential for deep cleaning with a manual toothbrush. Equipped with perfectly balanced tapered bristles, this distinctive toothbrush intensively cleans around and between each tooth while also caring for the gums.


edel-white Swiss made Stain Eraser brush for instant home teeth whitening and stain removal

Stain Eraser Brush

37% better stain removal than competing brushes

Embedded within the bristles of the Stain Eraser Brush are tiny rubber balls, which help the toothbrush live up to its name! Just as an eraser rubs away pencil from paper, these balls rub away stains from teeth while polishing their surface.


edel white Swiss-made ultra-soft Flosserbrush for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. For kids and children under age 6

Kids Flosserbrush

Easy for tiny hands to hold and with UltraSoft bristles

For the softest brushing of kids' teeth and gums


edel+white Swiss travel toothbrushes for healthy white teeth when on-the-go. Convenient and hygienic folding handle

To Go

A travelling companion that doesn't compromise your clean

For maintaining a healthy white smile while on-the-go


Single tuft sulcus brush for cleaning interdental spaces and periodontal pockets. Specialist Swiss toothbrush.

Single Brush

With a single tuft for precision cleaning

For cleaning all around teeth, bridges, implants and orthodontic appliances


Good Design award 2020 winner toothbrush. Unique 3D bristles wide ergonomic handle for deep 360 degree all-around cleaning.

CleanCurl 3D

With curved bristles to hug the teeth

For 300% more efficient, all-around cleaning

US market exclusive


Group of friends at a party in the sun greeting each other and smiling with perfect white teeth

Which edelwhite toothbrush is for you?

Whether you want comfort, whitening or precision cleaning, we have the toothbrush for you!

Take our word for it

We're Swiss. We know teeth. It’s ok, you can trust us – we eat a lot of chocolate

Why fine bristles are better

Our tapered Konex HD® bristles are five times thinner than regular UltraSoft bristles and five times more durable than those of conventional toothbrushes. Read more about how our Konex HD® bristles are the cat's whiskers.

Swiss ultrasoft Flosserbrush for deep cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums. Specialist fine tapered bristles

Did you know the first record of toothbrushes dates back to 1000 AD in China?

The handles were reported to be made of bone, while the bristles were either horse hair or hog bristles. It wasn't until the 17th century that this early version of the toothbrush reached Europe. In the 20th century, the rough, bacteria-hoarding natural bristles were replaced by more hygienic nylon and bone handles were replaced by plastic to reduce the price and make toothbrushes more accessible to the mass market.

Sonic toothbrush on dock with spare brush heads and interdental brushes

The award-winning sonic toothbrush

Our Sonic Generation 8 Winner® hydrodynamic toothbrush is a winner by name and a winner by nature. It uniquely combines a high frequency and a high amplitude to achieve enhanced mechanical and non-contact cleaning. Sounds intriguing, right? You can read more about the leading sonic toothbrush here.

When it comes to the brush heads, we have all the essentials covered. Whether you're after comfort, whitening or are seeking a little extra TLC, we have the perfect sonic brush head.

Ultra soft tapered bristles brush all around and between teeth and gums for gentle, thorough cleaning

Target® & Focus®

A dynamic brush head duo for the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® that focus on each tooth and target areas of concern.

The pair of brushes delivers excellent results through intensive, surface-active contact cleaning and hydrodynamic non-contact cleaning through the interdental spaces and below the gingival margin.

The Focus® brush concentrates on each tooth surface, while the Target® brush cleans the interdental space intensively, yet gently.

Read more

Swiss Sonic brush heads with ultra-soft bristles for deep cleaning sensitive teeth and gums

Dual Clean Airbag

With UltraSoft and flexible tapered Konex HD® brisltes

Whitening brush heads for hydrodynamic sonic Swiss toothbrush. Erase stains and instantly whiten teeth at home


With stain-erasing and teeth-whitening Pedex® bristles

Guaranteed 10-year availability for all brush heads

So which edelwhite brush head will you choose?

Each one has its own special talent, so you can mix-and-match for all-round cleaning, polishing and protection

Dual Clean, Whitening, Target and Focus brush heads for edel white Swiss hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush