Award-winning Sonic Generation 8 Winner®

Meet the game-changing

hydrodynamic toothbrush

A winner by name and by nature

The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is a winning toothbrush – hence the name! Operating at one of the highest frequencies on the market, it wins at power.

Combining mechanical with non-contact cleaning, it wins at performance. Possessing the softest bristles currently available, it wins at care. Looking sleek and feeling ergonomic, it wins at design. Believe us when we say you won’t want to be without it, and with its handy travel kit, you’ll never have to be!

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6 reasons to love edel-white's sonic toothbrush

Non-contact hydrodynamic cleaning action of Swiss edelwhite Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush


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Powerful high frequency and amplitude of edelwhite Swiss hydrodynamic Sonic toothbrush


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Ultra-soft tapered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning. Durable and fine for cleaning between teeth


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edelwhite hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush cleaning modes for deep cleaning, whitening and sensitivity with travel lock


Two-week battery life and easy USB charging of edel white Swiss hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush


Brushing and quadrant timer encourages deep and thorough cleaning for healthy teeth and gums


GQ Germany men's lifestyle magazine reporting on the best electric toothbrush 2021

The best electric toothbrush of 2021

In an article in GQ, the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® was among the six best electric toothbrushes of 2021. They were particularly impressed by our 'SEHR GUT' rating from Stiftung Warentest and the unique Yoga breathing trainer mode.

Why dentists recommend edel white's

Sonic Generation 8 Winner®

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"The softness of this brush is unbeatable...

...nevertheless, it cleans very thoroughly. The different modes are also great, from 'soft' to 'whitening'. I find the 'Yoga mode' particularly relaxing"

- Brigitte Chopard for

The hydrodynamic effect

Non-contact cleaning is like a jacuzzi in your mouth, which makes a Sonic 30% more effective than manual toothbrushes

A high frequency and an amplitude of 8° create a high speed and a wide range of movement. This generates powerful currents of fluids within the mouth that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away bacteria and residual food.

Non-contact deep cleaning beyond bristles with edelwhite Swiss hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush


Our Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is among the most powerful sonic toothbrushes on the market, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd are its brush heads.


Three different shapes of brush head provide a solution to everyone's needs. The larger Dual Clean Airbag boosts efficiency by cleaning two teeth at once. The round-headed Focus® brush centres the attention on each individual tooth. The pin-pointed Target® brush provides extra care with precision brushing. Use of all three will ensure every surface of every tooth is mechanically cleaned – even the spaces between teeth.


UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles are tapered for flexibility and meticulous cleaning. A sturdy base supports exceptionally fine tips that can reach between teeth and dip beneath the gum line. This is why Konex HD® bristles clean more deeply than those of other sonic toothbrushes.


The flexible bristles gracefully sway in response to the high frequency and amplitude created by the Sonic. This sweeping motion transports the power of the toothbrush to every corner of the mouth.

When you use the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® with any one of its specialised brush heads, no area of the mouth will remain untouched by either the head's bristles or the handle's power.

So which brush head will you choose?

Each one has its own special talent, so you can mix-and-match for all-round cleaning, polishing and protection

Dual Clean, Whitening, Target and Focus brush heads for edel white Swiss hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush
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I am a 53 year old woman with generally good oral health. I have two implants replacing my front teeth, so I know I need to take special care of these. As a frequent red wine drinker, my other main concern is staining. The edel+white sonic toothbrush meets all my requirements, thanks to its various brush heads.

Every day, I brush my teeth using the Active Deep mode with a Dual Clean brush head. I love using this on a daily basis, because the bristles are so soft and the mode is so strong that I feel like I’m getting a deep clean, but gently. Each evening, I use the Target brush to clean around my implants and to spot clean any areas between the teeth that may have been missed with the first brushing. This doesn’t usually occur, but I find this extra step quite therapeutic!

Three evenings a week, I use a Whitening brush head instead of the Dual Clean in conjunction with the Sonic’s whitening mode. Because I enjoy a glass of red wine (or two!) in the evenings, I want to keep on top of staining. My dentist told me that the tannins in red wine help the pigment from the grapes bind to teeth. I didn’t want to undergo any bleaching treatment, so she suggested I invest in a good whitening brush, such as the Whitening brush head for the edel+white sonic, to prevent stains from building up. I also sometimes brush my teeth with this brush head before going out, as it somehow makes my teeth look really shiny!

By using this combination of brush heads, my teeth feel cleaner. It’s similar to that feeling I get after a cleaning at the dentist and I love that I can achieve that everyday at home. It’s so great to be able to customise my sonic according to my needs. If I feel I need a deeper clean, I can choose the Target brush and if I want to add a bit of sparkle, I can use the Whitening brush. I’ve never been so confident caring for my teeth!

Why the Swiss Dental Association recommends a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush

and why edelwhite's Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is among the best

Hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush recommended by Swiss Dental Association

Four cleaning modes

Customise your clean to provide comfort, deep cleaning, whitening or better health

Swiss hydrodynamic edelwhite Sonic toothbrush handle with Sensitive, Active Deep, Whitening and Yoga cleaning modes


Greater control around sensitive teeth and gums


Thorough plaque removal for a deeper clean


Optimum frequency and amplitude for stain removal


Integrated breathing timer for a relaxing clean and a proven psychosomatic treatment method

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Winning in tests, clinical trials and scientific studies


The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® made it into Stiftung Warentest's top electric toothbrushes for 2019 and 2020.

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Periodontist and dental hygienist Dr Tracey Lennemann coaching patient in brushing teeth with edel white Sonic toothbrush


100% of participants agreed the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® had a better cleaning effect than their previous toothbrush

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Swiss dental hygienist Prof Dr Urs Saxer with edel+white hydrodynamic Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush


Non-contact cleaning was proven to extend 3 mm beyond the reach of bristles, meaning the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® can clean the entire interdental area

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The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® was given a high rating of 1.9 on

Smiling brunette woman with white teeth pointing at her perfect smile

"A dream for teeth and gums"

Zurich-based dental hygienist Heidi Gaier tells Dr. Stutz why she was convinced by the edelwhite Sonic Generation 8 Winner®



Experience the benefits of hydrodynamic cleaning and discover why a sonic is superior!

Dr Tracey Lennemann explains to a patient how to use our sonic

Technical specifications


  • Up to 42,000 brush head movements per minute

  • Includes 2x Dual Clean Airbag Brush Heads

  • UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles

  • Plaque removal, interdental cleaning and maintenance of healthy gums

  • Quadrant timer and brushing timer

  • Travel lock to prevent unintentional activation

  • Four cleaning modes: Whitening, Sensitivity, Active Deep and Yoga


  • Limited warranty over 2 years

  • Charging station for USB low-voltage charger via PC or PowerPack, or via the supplied multi-voltage adaptor 100-240 V

See all specifications

Download user manual (15 MB)

Do you have a question about the Sonic Generation 8 Winner®? Check out our FAQs to find the answer.

Do you know why soft bristles are so important?

Our Konex HD® bristles are five times finer than regular UltraSoft bristles and five times more durable than those of conventional bristles. ►read more

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Guaranteed 10-year availability for all brush heads

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