Kids Flosserbrush

The softest bristles for kids' teeth and gums

The softest toothbrush bristles for kids and childrens healthy teeth and gums

The softest kids toothbrush

UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles are eight times finer than regular bristles, making the Kids Flosserbrush the softest toothbrush available for children’s teeth and gums. Available in an attractive assortment of colours and designs, our Kids Flosserbrush is an ideal starter brush. Its ergonomic design with rubberised facets help tiny hands grip the handle, while allowing space for helping hands.

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3 reasons to love the Kids Flosserbrush

Ultra-soft Konex HD bristles that are five times thinner and five times more durable than normal bristles icon


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edelwhite childrens Swiss made toothbrush easy grip handle for easy kids tooth brushing


edel-white Princess Heidi and Robo Pete toothbrush characters to make tooth brushing fun


Why are soft bristles so important?

Our Konex HD® bristles are five times finer than regular UltraSoft bristles and five times more durable than those of conventional bristles.

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Swiss ultrasoft Kids Flosserbrush for gentle cleaning of childrens teeth and gums. Specialist fine tapered bristles

A unique edutainment system

Gone are the days of using scare tactics or sweet treats to persuade children to brush their teeth. Kids learn through playing. Flosserbrush and 7 Früchtli helps kids learn oral hygiene with education and entertainment.

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edel white kids 7 Fruchtli toothpaste, liquorice, apple, vanilla, orange, cherry, apple and lemon

Fun while brushing

The child learns from early on how to brush their teeth as a positive part of their life. No compulsion, no fear, just fun. Read more about why 7 Früchtli isn't just a toothpaste ►here.

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