The power of edel+white

Our aim is to provide high-quality dental care products that are designed to offer a simple solution to every problem

With decades of experience in the oral care industry, we are specialised in the development, manufacture, and marketing of premium dental products.

edel white Swiss Dental Experts vintage whitening toothpaste with manual toothbrush

Everything we do at Scanderra has one goal: to help our customers smile. That's why we're committed to providing high-quality oral care for people of all ages, all around the world. From the beautiful city of Basel, Switzerland – the pharmaceutical hub in a country renowned for its precision engineering and luxury goods – we collaborate with our global network to deliver value to our international customers. We unite innovation with tradition to create exciting new concepts, while also improving existing products in our line-up. From Scanderra, you can expect novel ingredients, compelling packaging, and impeccable function.

Aerial view of the Rhine and the city of Basel, pharmaceutical hub of Switzerland
Professional man and woman working at a computer in the global Scanderra offices

Being the only company in Switzerland to gain 100% of its turnover from oral care, we have devoted ourselves to becoming the Swiss army knife of dental care.

We hope you'll join us in our mission to bring a little more smile into the world!

Arrangement of edel+white dental products: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, tongue cleaner and dental floss

Swiss quality

Superior dental products researched and designed from our Swiss headquarters.

UltraSoft bristles

Our Konex HD® bristles are five times thinner and more durable than those of conventional toothbrushes.

Your health partner

Clean teeth and healthy gums for the whole family. We offer a solution to every problem.

Hydrodynamic power

Cleaning power beyond the reach of bristles with our Sonic Generation 8 Winner®.

Swiss traditional craft technique of Scherenschnitte paper cut art with Swiss cows and Swiss mountains

Transforming Swiss values and traditions...

Swiss traditional technique of Scherenschnitte paper cut art with toothbrush, toothpaste and interdental brush

...into creative ideas and solutions

Hundreds of people are involved to make edelwhite products what they are

Female scientists in white lab coats formulating high quality oral care products

R&D lab creating state-of-the-art formulations

High-quality Swiss Interdental Brush production using state of the art technology

World-leading equipment

High quality Swiss Flosserpik Oral irrigator water flosser production in a controlled lab environment

Rigorous quality testing

Swiss-made high quality toothbrush production in a controlled lab in Switzerland

Well-engineered production solutions

Good manufacturing practice of Swiss quality toothpaste production in Switzerland

GMP toothpaste production

Quality hydrodynamic sonic electric toothbrush production by the Swiss Dental Experts

High-tech parts ready for assembly

European fulfillment centre reliably packs customer orders for fast global shipping

Packing and delivery

Scanderra Swiss Dental Experts general manager Thomas Flatt with the first batch of quality oral care

After years of development: the first batch!

The marketing team creating a silk screen print of the new Swiss Dental Experts logo.

We always keep the dental professionals in mind 

Dental hygienist Dr Tracey Lennemann education patient with edel white hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush

We are proud of our international network of experts

We place great importance in education, which is why we collaborate with dentists all over the world to connect with our consumers and ensure we are providing only the best in terms of results and ease of use. 

Canadian Periodontist Dr Karine Feghali in scrubs smiling against a pale blue background

Dr. Karine Feghali, Periodontist, Canada 

Ukranian Periodontist Dr Tamara Volinska in black uniform smiling against a dark background

Dr. Tamara Volinska, Periodontist, Ukraine

American dental hygienist Dr Tracey Lennemann in white uniform in dentist’s office smiling to her patient

Dr. Tracey Lennemann, RDH, USA 

Swiss Periodontist Prof Dr U.P. Saxer in a suit holding the edel+white hydrodynamic Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush

Professor U. P. Saxer, Periodontist, Switzerland 

edel-white smiles around the world

edel-white quality Swiss oral care by Scanderra, the Swiss Dental Experts in France


edel white high quality Swiss made oral care by Scanderra, the Swiss Dental Experts at CIOSP in Brazil


edelwhite Swiss quality oral care by Scanderra, the Swiss Dental Experts in China


edel+white Swiss oral care at the international dental show IDS in Cologne, Germany


Social projects

Female dentist brushing teeth with Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush of young boy with green face paint
Row of young children brushing their teeth over sinks with the Kids Flosserbrush
Female dentist in scrubs showing young girl the edel+white Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush
Young boy with blue eyes smiling and holding blue Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush with Robo Pete

Hamburgada Do Bem is a social project that helps children from communities in need. Volunteers provide basic dental care and offer children guidance on oral health and brushing. edelwhite are a proud sponsor of Hamburgada Do Bem, donating toothbrushes and toothpates to help those who need it most. 


Vietnamese boy with Swiss edel+white ultrasoft Flosserbrush - Susann's Help Vietnam

Donating toothbrushes to families supported by Susann's Help in Vietnam

Quality oral care training at an orphanage and home for the disabled in Morocco

Oral care training for staff at an orphanage and home for the disabled in Morocco

World Health Organisation WHO oral prophylaxis programmes to prevent tooth decay in children

Sponsoring WHO screening programmes for child caries in Austria

Happy customers

Young woman with long brunette hair smiling in the sun while hiking with a backpack

"Great site and very easy to use I love the expert advice for an upgrade, not to mention the ultra fast service with delivery!"

– Lachstark customer

Young man with short brown hair, short beard and blue eyes smiling with perfect white teeth

"These brushes are excellent, remove well the biofilm without causing damage or discomfort to gingival tissue. Easy to clean after use, durable bristles."

– edel+white Brazil customer

Young woman with long dark hear wearing large glasses smiling by the road in the city

"Best dental care brand on the market!"

– edel+white Brazil customer

Thomas Flatt CEO and General Manager Scanderra Swiss Dental Experts parent company of edelwhite, swiss smile and megasmile


... to the daily efforts of hundreds of professionals throughout the world, edel+white has developed into a respectable brand that represents the essence of Swiss dental prophylaxis. With the help of dental hygienists, school teaching, non-traumatic and deep-reaching cleaning devices and daily bioactive fluoridation, teeth stay healthy –no matter how long our lives last.

Jointly with a great team, I am proud to contribute to the health of so many people and to make them smile just a little more.   

Thomas E. Flatt

– General Manager Scanderra, The Swiss Dental Experts