Stop sensitivity

One of modern dental care's biggest problems

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Around 40% of the global population experience dentine hypersensitivity (DH)

DH usually occurs when the normally hidden dentine becomes exposed (often due to receding gums or enamel erosion). Dentine contains thousands of channels (known as tubules), which run from its surface through to the nerve-containing pulp at its centre. Within these tubules are fluids and the interruption of their flow by stimuli such as temperature change, air pressure and sugar is what causes the sharp pain associated with DH.

Being the problem solvers that we are here at edelwhite, we developed STOP Sensitive to tackle this issue. The molecules within our innovative formula are so tiny they are able to enter the tubules where they adhere to the walls and block 90% of the channel – more so than other sensitive toothpastes. This cuts off access of any external stimuli to the nerves within the teeth, thus providing immediate relief from DH-associated pain. But this instant relief isn’t fleeting; it lasts for up to 12 hours. With prolonged use of STOP Sensitive, sensitive teeth become less and less of a problem.

Swiss made toothpaste gel STOP Sensitive for instant relief and lasting protection against sensitive teeth and gums

With a high-tech Swiss formula and numerous proven results, you’ll soon agree that edel-white STOP Sensitive Toothgel is unlike other sensitive toothpastes. The no-compromise toothgel deeply cleans all types of teeth and gums, protects the enamel and stops sensitivity now and forever. The results are vast, fast and they last.