The foolproof key to healthy gums

A real pro when it comes to your gums

This dynamic and, frankly, weird-looking toothbrush is your answer to healthy gums and deeply cleaned teeth. Pick it up and:

  • Sweep: the wider head brushes your neglected gums as well as your teeth

  • Dive: the UltraSoft bristles deeply clean all around without you even having to think about it

  • Relax: the wide and flexible handle makes brushing quicker and more comfortable to use than conventional toothbrushes

While its wide head and flexible handle may look strange, they’re crucial elements in Pro-Gums’ ability to fulfill these three promises. Allow us to tell you how.

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Man in denim shirt wearing sunglasses in the park smiling with perfect white teeth
edelwhite Swiss Pro-Gums toothbrush has a wider head for a better clean


Icon to show the width and durability of Konex HD bristles


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edel-white Swiss Pro-Gums has a wide ergonomic pressure-absorbing handle for comfortable brushing


Extra-wide Pro-Gums brush head cleans tooth and gums at the same time for a healthy smile

1.5x the width of an average toothbrush head

With six compact rows and 36 tufts of bristles, Pro-Gums is 1.5x the width of an average toothbrush head. This means it can clean more at once without you even having to think about it – it’s fool-proof! Not only is the head wider, but it’s shorter. This allows you to guide the brush from each tooth and its corresponding gum to the next. Before you know it, your two minutes will be up and your teeth and gums will be deeply cleaned with minimal effort.

Do you take care of your gums?

Who doesn’t love a mouth full of healthy looking white teeth? Well your gums are an integral part of your smile and without them, you wouldn’t have any teeth to smile with!...Read more

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