CleanCurl 3D

Brush everywhere, all at once

Welcome to the Brushing Revolution*

With three sides of bristles, CleanCurl 3D is three times more efficient than standard toothbrushes. Just a simple brushing movement ensures thorough cleaning of the chewing, inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, as well as the gum line.

Increase your brushing efficiency by 300% by using this revolutionary 3D toothbrush.

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*US market exclusive

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4 reasons to love the CleanCurl 3D

Specialist Swiss 3D bristles for 360-degree all-round cleaning of healthy teeth and gums


Expert looped pressure-absorbing ergonomic handle protects healthy teeth and gums


For perfect cleaning to maintain and prolong orthodontic braces, dental implants and bridges


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Dentist-approved toothbrush. CleanCurl 3D is the expert toothbrush recommended by dentists


Good Design Award 2020 winner toothbrush awarded by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design

As awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Award-winning design

This revolutionary toothbrush is the recipient of the 2020 GOOD DESIGN® Award

Founded in Chicago in 1950 by Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames, GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

"The toothbrush uniquely combines geometry and kinetics. The 2D oval was brought to life using a flexible material, creating a 3D looping handle that can be lightly manipulated. If the user brushes with too much pressure, the loop closes to relieve tension in the wrist. At the same time, the head flexes away from the teeth to prevent damage to teeth and gums.

The head is compact, which permits a large variety of tufting options and layouts. It includes a high-density version and innovative curved bristles for better brushing, particularly for people with limited dexterity. We believe that the CleanCurl 3D toothbrush improves people’s brushing habits with its smart and economical design. It takes the manual toothbrush one step closer to perfection.

Each toothbrush saves an average of 50% plastic, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the product and offering a more ecological approach. This can be taken one step further by using a rice husk-based material, which has been successful in testing."

Easy tooth brushing for limited dexterity. Deep all-round cleaning with specialist Swiss bristles

The preferred toothbrush for those who find brushing a challenge 

CleanCurl 3D was developed in collaboration with dentists. Many people find brushing their teeth sufficiently with a 'regular' toothbrush a challenge, so we created CleanCurl 3D to assist these individuals. The looped handle absorbs excess pressure during brushing, while also making it easier for those with limited dexterity to grip. The curved bristles of CleanCurl 3D hug the teeth and act as a guide for your hand to follow - similar to the mechanism of a train moving along a track. 

Do you take care of your gums?

Who doesn’t love a mouth full of healthy looking white teeth? Well your gums are an integral part of your smile and without them, you wouldn’t have any teeth to smile with!...Read more

What science says about the bristles of the Clean Curl:

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