Stain Eraser Brush

Erases stains while erasing the competition

Tiny rubber balls for 37% better whitening

Embedded within the bristles of the Stain Eraser Brush are tiny rubber balls, which help the toothbrush live up to its name! Just as an eraser rubs away pencil from paper, these balls rub away stains from teeth while polishing their surface. The bristles even erased the competition, by cleaning 37% more effectively than other tested brushes.*

For the best whitening results, we recommend you use the Stain Eraser Brush with the edel+white Anti-Plaque Whitening Toothpaste. This toothpaste is formulated with three key ingredients, which work together to remove surface stains, prevent plaque build-up and fortify teeth.

* Internal study at the University of Ulm, Germany, 2002
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Young brunette and blonde woman on the beach by the sea smiling with perfect white teeth

3 reasons to love the Stain Eraser Brush

Specialist Swiss quality whitening bristles embedded with rubber balls for stain removal


Flexible pressure-absorbing handle prevents damage to teeth and gums to promote health


Best whitening toothbrush for bright white teeth with high-quality Swiss bristles


High-tech stain removing whitening bristles of edelwhite Swiss-made Stain Eraser toothbrush

Removes stains like an eraser

Tiny balls embedded in the bristles work like tiny rubbers. These rubber balls erase stains from teeth, just as rubbers erase pencil from paper.

How can you whiten your teeth safely?

Over time, our enamel darkens. Mechanical abrasion combined with acidic substances and highly pigmented foods cause discolouration or stains. The safest way to remove these stains and maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth at home is with regular use of an abrasive whitening toothpaste. ...►Read more

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