A unique edutainment system for kids

For education and entertainment while brushing

With edelwhite, tooth brushing never needs to be boring

Gone are the days of using scare tactics or sweet treats to persuade kids to brush their teeth. Kids learn through playing. Flosserbrush and 7 Früchtli helps kids learn oral hygiene with education and entertainment.

Young boy and young girl in sunglasses smiling happily out of an open car window with healthy white teeth


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet • Strawberry, orange, apple, pear, watermelon, blueberry and cherry

"Our idea was to apply the scientifically founded learning techniques of toddlers and transfer them to brushing teeth. The result was a 7-day, 7-fruit, 7-colour concept, which makes infinite play variations possible and never gets boring. The child learns from early on how to brush their teeth as a positive part of their life. No compulsion, no fear, just fun."

– Thomas Flatt, CEO Scanderra GmbH

Little girl with her favourite edel+white Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush and 7 Fruechtli toothpaste

7 Früchtli

A unique pack of 7 toothpastes to introduce fun and education to the tooth brushing routine

7 Früchtli toothpaste contains fluoride to strengthen the enamel. Natural green tea extracts and vitamin E fortify and help secure teeth in the gums. Does not contain any artificial colouring, flavours or aggressive foaming agents (sodium lauryl sulphate - SLS). 


The softest Swiss toothbrush bristles for gentle cleaning of kids and childrens healthy teeth and gums

Kids Flosserbrush

The softest bristles on kids' tiny teeth and tender gums

UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles are eight times finer than regular bristles, making the Kids Flosserbrush the softest toothbrush available for children’s teeth and gums. Available in an attractive assortment of colours and designs, our Kids Flosserbrush is an ideal starter brush. 


An update on fluoride from our professional consultants

The Swiss Dental Association and Toothfriendly Organisation, opinion leaders and consultants in the development of edel+white oral care products, have amended their policy with regard to fluoride in toothpaste for young children. While they still recommend a fluoride content of 500 ppm for kids up to the age of 6, they now suggest that children beyond this age use a toothpaste with the fluoride content of that of an adult (1000-1500 ppm). However, they agree that a kids' toothpaste can contain a higher fluoride concentration if the quantity of toothpaste used on a toothbrush is reduced (i.e. to the size of a grain of rice) for children under the age of 6.

Following this new recommendation, edel+white are developing a toothpaste for children with a higher fluoride concentration. However, our policy remains the same: the importance is not on the absolute quantity of the fluoride within the toothpaste, but its bioavailability within the formula. Therefore, development may take some time, as we need to ensure we strike this important balance for the highest level of safety and efficacy.

edel+white's policy:

1) Caries prophylaxis

In-line with current understanding, the prophylactic effect of a toothpaste against tooth decay is primarily due to fluoride. The effectiveness of which is influenced by fluoride concentration, the type of fluoride compound, and whether the fluoride is present in a compatible formulation. A compatible formulation is what determines the bioavailability of fluoride, and thus the efficacy of the toothpaste formula.

2) Fluoride concentration

The fluoride concentration of a toothpaste is understood to mean the amount of bioavailable fluoride within a formula. This is measured in the aqueous suspension of the toothpaste using a fluoride-sensitive electrode (in vitro) and, where appropriate, in the toothpaste-saliva mixture after brushing (in vivo). This method allows (a) interactions between fluoride sources and other components of the toothpaste formula that could interfere with the caries-preventive effect, and (b) changes in the bioavailable fluoride content due to inappropriate storage conditions.

3) Children's toothpaste The recommended fluoride content and conditions of use are as follows:

3.1) From the eruption of the first tooth until the second birthday:

Fluoride concentration: 500-1000 ppm

Recommended use: 

3.2) For children aged 2-6 years (depending on individual caries risk):

Fluoride concentration: 500-1000 ppm

Recommended use:

In countries where fluoridation programmes are in place (e.g. fluoridate drinking water), care should be taken that the fluoride intake from all sources does not exceed 0.05-0.07 mg/kg body weight/day.

3.3) For children 6+ and adults:

Fluoride concentration 1000-1500 ppm

Recommended use:

4) Type of fluoride compound

For maximum bioavailability, we rely solely on sodium fluoride and do not use sodium monofluorophosphate.

5) Aroma of children's toothpaste

We want to avoid swallowing, so to discourage children from doing so, we do not make the formula too sweet. Young children can find mint to be spicy and therefore avoid consuming it, so we also add some mint to our children's toothpaste.

"The set of 7 mini tubes brought me peace in the house... 

...For me, of all tested toothbrushes so far, the set of 7 mini tubes from edel+white brought me peace in the house." 

– Dina Bento, Blogger at mamipetocuri.ro and mum of two

Brother and sister smiling while brushing teeth with edelwhite Kids Flosserbrush and 7 Fruchtli childrens toothpaste

Did you know that oral health problems at a young age can impact a child's development?

In addition to tooth decay, most children worldwide also show signs of gingivitis, which can lead to serious problems if left untreated.


Free storybook

of Princess Heidi and Robo Pete

Chiara, 12 year old illustrator and creator of Princess Heidi and Robo Pete characters for children

Bringing the characters to life

The idea of Princess Heidi and Robo Pete comes from illustrations by 12 year-old Chiara from Brissago. Her drawings were then digitised to create our storybook.

Kids drawing of magic fairytale prince and princess castle on a hill for free kids book
Kids drawing of Prince and Princess making their grand entrance to a party in the fairytale castle