Something for every tooth

We carry our Swissness into our products, meaning you can trust edel-white to keep your mouth neutral

A wide range of specialist dental products that provide you with the solution you need

Edelwhite Swiss hydrodynamic electric toothbrush Sonic Generation 8 Winner in stylish felt travel bag

Award-winning sonic toothbrush

Our Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is an expert at cleaning teeth, gums and all that's in-between

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edel white Swiss-made ultra-soft Flosserbrush for deep cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums

Expert manual toothbrushes

From whitening to gum care, interdental to implant cleaning, we have specialist toothbrushes that do it all

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Swiss-made edel white Anti-Plaque + Whitening toothpaste. Reduces plaque and tooth decay and whitens teeth.

Compact-foaming toothpastes

Our minimalist range of toothpastes form the core for everything you need for shiny white teeth and healthy pink gums

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edel-white Flosserpik oral irrigator for interdental cleaning between teeth, water flossing and with Swiss toothbrush head

Dual action cleaning oral irrigator

Elevate your routine with dual action cleaning that is more effective, more compact and more sustainable

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Edelwwhite yellow Easy Tape waxed caipirinha flavour dental floss for easy interdental cleaning between teeth

Specialist tools for interdental cleaning

At edelwhite, we value the importance of interdental cleaning. That's why we offer you a wide range of tools to help you combat plaque between teeth

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Fresh + Protect natural antibacterial fluoride mouthwash with natural grapefruit and lemon extracts

Supporting products for total oral health

Boost your oral health with ultra-fresh breath and a cleansed tongue

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