Water Flossers

Water is the new floss

The benefits of water flossing

Saves you time and money

A water flosser is the quickest and most effective way to floss. Plus, it pays for itself in the long run, as you will never again need to buy floss or interdental brushes!

The gift that keeps on giving

A water flosser will give you healthy teeth and gums for many years to come, lasting you far longer than a roll of dental floss.

More efficient than traditional floss

With dual action cleaning, you can brush your teeth and clean interdentally at the same time.

Versatile for complete oral care

With a number of cleaning modes and attachments, a water flosser can take care of your entire mouth - from teeth to tongue, and all that's in-between!

Power Spa Flosserpik

Portable water flossing power

A compact and portable water flosser that still packs a punch. Cordless and waterproof for time-saving convenience.


Lighthouse Flosserpik

The tool that does it all

A unique combination of high-powered pulsating water flossing and specialist tips. Quiet and poweful for ultimate oral care.


Would you leave 12 teeth uncleaned?

40% of each tooth is concealed within the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush between the teeth, it's the equivalent of leaving an average of 12 whole teeth uncleaned...►Read more

Improve irrigation with mouthwash

All edel+white water flossers are compatible with medicated rinses. This amplifies your water flossing by freshening breath, cleaning more thoroughly, and delivering necessary medication to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.


For exhilarating freshness and natural antibacterial protection

A therapeutic mouthwash with natural concentrated extracts of grapefruit and lemon for a burst of freshness and with 0% alcohol.


STOP Irritation

For immediate relief and superior protection with chlorhexidine

A broad spectrum antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory mouthwash to relieve discomfort and treat oral wounds and localised inflammation.


Using mouthwash with your edel+white oral irrigator

While water flossers have clinically proven efficacy with just water, you can amplify your irrigation with mouthwash. This is particularly beneficial for users who require special care or freshness, such as those with periodontal pockets or halitosis.

How to use

  1. Using a 1:1 ratio of mouthwash to water, fill the irrigator’s tank

  2. Complete your water flossing routine as usual

  3. Rinse the unit by partially filling the tank with water and running it with the tip pointed into the sink

If you have periodontitis, your dentist may suggest the use of a chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwash to prevent progression and facilitate healing. CHX rinses are compatible with edel+white water flossers, and the irrigation of periodontal pockets can be performed using the steps outlined below. However, always consult with your dentist prior to beginning.

  1. Fill the irrigator’s tank using a ratio of CHX mouthwash to water as advised by your dentist

  2. Set the water flosser to the lowest setting and attach the Subgingival tip

  3. Place the tip against the tooth at a 45° angle, and gently lower it beneath the gum line and into the periodontal pocket

  4. Water floss along the gum line

  5. Rinse the unit by partially filling the tank with water and running it with the tip pointed into the sink

Do not use any mouthwashes containing alcohol, as they will not only contribute to the degradation of your water flosser, but they also dry out the delicate tissues of your mouth. It is also advisable to avoid solutions containing essential oils, iodine or salt. edel+white mouthwashes do not contain any of these ingredients and they are alcohol-free, making them a perfect companion for your edel+white water flosser.