Brush up on bristles

From the softest Konex HD® bristles to the most effective whitening Pedex bristles

Blue Flosserbrush with magnified illustration of tapered, ultra-soft Konex HD bristles
Chart to show durability of Konex HD versus regular tapered bristles and how flexible tips adapt to tooth surfaces

UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles

The tapered shape of our Konex HD® bristles imparts stability at the base and flexibility in the tip. This shape helps the bristles adapt to the surfaces of the teeth, hugging their curves and establishing more intimate contact than conventional bristles can achieve. They are the cat’s whiskers. No, seriously – they are! Just as whiskers help a cat to navigate the world and avoid danger, our Konex HD® bristles navigate your teeth and avoid damage.

Our Konex HD® bristles are five times thinner than regular UltraSoft bristles, making them UltraUltraSoft. This provides comfort during brushing, particularly for those with sensitive teeth and gums, making the task of brushing teeth a pleasant experience. You may think that the word softness is synonymous with weakness, but our Konex HD® bristles are in fact five times more durable than those of conventional toothbrushes.


Did you know that tapered bristles have been shown to be more effective at cleaning than regular bristles? Multiple studies have compared the efficacy of tapered bristles vs. conventional rounded bristles and have found that the former are significantly better than the latter

High-tech stain removing whitening bristles of edelwhite Swiss-made Stain Eraser toothbrush

Whitening Pedex® bristles

Embedded within our Pedex® bristles are tiny rubber balls, rub away stains from teeth while polishing their surface. The bristles even erased the competition, by cleaning 37% more effectively than other tested brushes.*

* Internal study at the University of Ulm, Germany, 2002

Toothbrushes with Konex HD® bristles

Target and Focus brush heads for hydrodynamic sonic Swiss toothbrush. For deep, precision cleaning and implant care.

Target® & Focus®

These expert sonic brush heads get up close and personal with each tooth, thanks to their sophisticated design and optimised bristle configurations.

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edel white Swiss-made ultra-soft Flosserbrush for deep cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums in multiple colours


With its super flexible handle, the Flosserbrush literally bends over backwards to clean teeth and gums with zero damage.

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edel white Swiss-made ultra-soft Flosserbrush for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. For kids and children under age 6

Kids Flosserbrush

The Kids Flosserbrush is an ideal starter brush. Its ergonomic design with rubberised facets help tiny hands grip the handle, while allowing space for helping hands.

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Toothbrushes with Pedex® bristles

Stain Eraser whitening toothbrush erases stains and whitens teeth safely and instantly at home

Stain Eraser Brush

A lightly flexible toothbrush that removes stains for whiter, brighter teeth. Particularly effective when used together with our Anti-Plaque and Whitening toothpaste.

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Whitening brush heads for hydrodynamic sonic Swiss toothbrush. Erase stains and instantly whiten teeth at home

Whitening brush heads

Changeable brush heads for edelwhite sonic toothbrushes that whiten and polish teeth, especially when used with the Whitening mode.

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