Just say STOP to your dental problems

With results that are fast, vast and that last

edel+white expert tooth sensitivity gel and Swiss Whitening polishing toothpaste gel

Our specialist STOP range is your answer to some of the most common dental issues. If you have a problem, just say STOP, and you’ll get results that are fast, vast and that last. Each product has an instant action with cumulative results that, with continued use, provides a permanent solution to your issue.

The clean and reliable formulas are created using high-tech innovations and high-quality ingredients. We formulate without compromise, meaning that we only use the ingredients necessary to fulfil a toothpaste’s promise, without jeapardising your experience, and most importantly, your health. Every STOP product is prepared under controlled lab conditions, so it can provide its solution efficiently, safely, and reliably at home.

Swiss Dental Expert STOP sensitive toothgel for instant and lasting sensitivity relief

Say STOP to sensitive teeth and gums with STOP Sensitivity

A refreshing blue toothgel that provides instant and lasting sensitivity relief and cavity protection. The formula contains a patented bioactive shield that biomimetically repairs and protects teeth for up to 12 hours. Scientifically proven not only to alleviate sensitivity instantly, but also to provide prophylactic relief ahead of dental treatment.


edelwhite STOP Stains Swiss Whitening polishing gel for naturally whiter teeth at home

Say STOP to dull, stained teeth with STOP Stains

A powerful polishing gel that removes discolouration and whitens teeth. It’s formulated with medical grade microparticles of refined lavastone, which scrubs stains from the enamel and adsorbs the residue. So powerful that it only needs occasional use to achieve and maintain a shiny white smile, yet entirely safe for use at home.


NEW: Say STOP to irritated gums with STOP Irritation

A fresh medicated mouthwash that restores healthy gums

STOP Irritation by the Swiss Dental Experts is a broad spectrum antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory mouthwash with 0.12% chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX). STOP Irritation supports patients with chronic gingivitis and periodontal disease, while also providing a short-term topical solution for wounds and localised inflammation.