Cleaning between

It's just as important to clean between each tooth as it is to perform regular tooth brushing

edelwhite Swiss quality dental floss, interdental bursh and toothpick for gentle interdental cleaning

Just like a car, the areas of the mouth that you can't see are just as important as those that you can

Taking care of your teeth is like taking care of a beloved car. In addition to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently, it must also be thoroughly and regularly cleaned. Though it may only seem important to clean the exterior so that everyone can see how lovely and shiny your car is, it is also essential to clean the interior and the underside.

If you neglect these additional areas, over time they can develop mould and rust, which can affect the car’s performance and your driving experience. Similarly, while we’re keen to brush the exposed surfaces of our teeth so that we can show off a shiny white smile, we must also take care of the spaces between the teeth and the area below the gum line. If these areas are overlooked, plaque will build up which can affect the health of our teeth and our dental hygiene experience.

We’re sure you’re well aware by now that our mouths are full of bacteria

These bacteria are survivalists. They choose to settle in locations in which they’re unlikely to be disturbed. Though some gather on the surfaces of our teeth in-between brushings, the clever ones secrete themselves away into places that most toothbrushes can’t reach, such as spaces between the teeth.

Plaque is soft and can be easily cleaned away with regular brushing – yes, that means between the teeth too! If you do not remove plaque, layer upon layer more bacteria will settle creating the powered-up version known as tartar, which is hard in all senses of the word! Unlike plaque, tartar cannot be removed with a toothbrush – not even a powerful sonic one. It requires a dental professional and their descaling tools. If you skip the dentist, the mighty tartar prevents you from cleaning the area that lies beneath it, which can eventually lead to a cavity. Not only is this very painful, but if left untreated, you could eventually lose the tooth.

Brunette woman wearing red lipstick cleaning teeth with orange EasyFlex interdental brush

Effortless cleaning all around the mouth...

Deep thorough cleaning for healthy teeth and gums with ultra-soft Flosserbrush and Interdental brush

...when you use an edelwhite toothbrush with UltraSoft Konex HD® brushes along with one of our easy-to-use interdental cleaning tools.

Man cleaning between healthy white teeth with edelwhite Swiss quality interdental brush

Not cleaning between teeth is the equivalent of leaving 12 teeth uncleaned

Some statistics for the number-lovers reading this: 40% of each tooth is concealed in the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush this area, it’s the equivalent of leaving an average of more than 12 whole teeth uncleaned. As many people do in fact neglect to clean between their teeth, it is unsurprising that over 80% of cavities develop in these areas. This is quickly and easily avoided – even on-the-go – with handy tools such as our Easy Tape, EasyFlex Interdental Brushes and Pick Sticks.

Who should clean between the teeth?

Everyone 12 years and older should practice interdental cleaning, particularly those with braces, which need cleaning every day. With increasing age and diseases such as periodontitis, extra care must be given to cleaning between the teeth. In many cases, bad breath is due to a lack of interdental cleaning.

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Edel white orange Easy Tape waxed mint flavour dental floss for easy interdental cleaning between teeth

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