For whitening, gum care and lasting protection

edelwhite covers all the essentials, from stain removal to cavity prevention

The all new Swiss Whitening

For whiter teeth whenever you wish

Swiss Whitening is the Swiss Dental Experts’ proven solution against dull, stained teeth. The innovative, fresh-tasting, clean and well-balanced formula contains medical grade microparticles of refined lavastone to STOP Stains and polish enamel for noticeably brighter teeth. 


STOP Sensitive

Instant. Bioactive protection. Forever.

Provides instant relief from and lasting protection against sensitivity



Closer to nature. Better for health.

Tonifies, invigorates and reduces inflammation to restore healthy gums


Care Forte

The ultimate multi-tasking formula

Brightens teeth, cares for gums and provides instant and lasting protection 


Anti-Plaque + Whitening

A dual-effect formula that does what it says on the tin

– or in this case, tube! It is a dual-function formula that removes stains and polishes, while preventing the formation of further plaque.


Young blonde boy brushing teeth with favourite edel white Kids Flosserbrush and 7 Fruchtli childrens toothpaste

7 Früchtli for kids

For fun and education while brushing

We have developed a unique edutainment system for kids' oral hygiene. 7 Früchtli is more than just a toothpaste – it's seven! There's one for every day of the week, each with its own flavour and colour. This makes brushing both educational and entertaining – hence 'edutainment'!


The safest toothpastes for you and your kids 

In a study for Brazilian Oral Research, edel+white's Care Forte was proven to be the safest adult toothpaste among the five tested, while 7 Früchtli was found to be the safest for kids.

In the same study, Anti-Plaque + Whitening was shown to decrease enamel roughness. This polishing effect not only makes the teeth appear smoother and brighter, but it reduces the number of pits in which bacteria can accumulate, thus minimising the risk of tooth decay.

Which edel white toothpaste is for you?

Whether it be whitening, gum care or sensitivity, we have the toothpaste for you!

Did you know that high-foaming formulas can be bad for the gums?

Foaming is an important part of the activity of a toothpaste. It helps to loosen stains and bacteria so that they can more easily be removed from the teeth. High-foaming formulas can irritate gums and that’s why we only use mild foaming ingredients in our toothpastes at edelwhite. Not only does this reduce irritation, but it also produces a compact foam without large bubbles.


Regular high-foaming toothpaste with large bubbles next to compact-foaming edel-white toothpaste with small bubbles

Our planet, and the creatures that inhabit it, is important to us. That's why we consciously formulate and package each of our toothpastes to ensure we are balancing environmental protection with product performance and satisfaction.

edelwhite Swiss Dental Experts specialist vegan toothpaste for healthy teeth and gums