Oral Hygiene & COVID-19

Q&A on oral hygiene, tooth brushing and the coronavirus

Can mouthwash disinfect the mouth and in doing so prevent a virus?

No. Some ingredients within mouthwash formulations (e.g. alcohol and chlorhexidine) can be virucidal at high concentrations (e.g. alcohol 60-80%), but such concentrations are unsafe for daily consumption.

Can toothpaste prevent a virus?

No. There are no ingredients within our toothpaste formulations that will protect against viral diseases, but good oral hygiene contributes to your overall health.

Are edel+white products safe?

Yes. Our toothpastes are made via automated processes using heat and pressure and there is no direct human contact with the paste itself. We comply with GMP (good manufacturing processes) to ensure our products are of a consistently high quality and are appropriate and safe for their intended use. As such, there are permanent control checks in place to prevent viral, bacterial and fungal contamination.

What precautions do I need to take with my toothbrush?

Do not leave your toothbrush in public places (e.g. the office toilet). Protect its head with the travel cap that comes with every edel+white toothbrush, which will prevent it coming into contact with other toothbrushes at the same place. Advise your children to do the same if leaving toothbrushes at school (which should be avoided unless absolutely necessary). Do not share the same toothpaste tube with others except of your family.