The GOLD Standard of Oral Care

Simplify your life with Health Suite

The latest & greatest in
hydrodynamic sonic toothbrushing

Condensing your entire routine into one sleek and simple device, Health Suite is today's gold standard of oral care. 

With this professional device, you can be confident that you have made the best decision for your oral health. Your confidence will be solidified in the beauty of your teeth and health of your gums.

Health Suite is the Swiss Army Knife of Oral Care  

 Four expert, patented-bristle brush heads and four masterful cleaning modes make Swiss edel+white Health Suite your lifelong partner for better health. 

The Three Pillars of Healthy Teeth

Holistic toothbrushing with edel+white Health Suite


The mechanical cleaning of teeth by Health Suite's specialist brush heads.


Brushing beyond the reach of bristles with Health Suite's powerful hydrodynamic energy.


Slow-paced breathing timer with yoga mode, for improved health and a moment of me time.


A personalised experience 

Each of Health Suite's four brush heads was expertly designed to perform a different task.
Together they ensure every aspect – health-related and cosmetic – is taken care of,
leaving you smiling with comfort and confidence. 

UltraSoft Konex HD®: the softest and strongest bristles

Dual Clean, Target and Focus are tufted with edel+white’s signature UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles. Their flexibility allows them to effortlessly adapt to the teeth’s contours, while their finely tapered tips reach between teeth and just beneath the gum line. This results in a deeper, more thorough clean, and therefore a higher disruption of plaque. 

In the case of Konex HD®, softness is not synonymous with weakness. Though they are 5x finer than regular UltraSoft bristles, they are 5x more durable than regular bristles. They are therefore more resistant than most, allowing them to clean gently, yet thoroughly, for longer.


The deepest clean you can achieve at home

Health Suite possesses hydrodynamic power with an exceptional ability to sustain a high frequency with a high amplitude – or big waves at a very fast speed. These powerful waves are responsible for the phenomenon of ‘non-contact cleaning’, or simply, brushing beyond the reach of bristles. This hydrodynamic power creates a strong, pulsating current of fluids that is able to clean away bacteria and residual food in areas inaccessible to bristles. 


The University of Basel proved the efficacy of non-contact cleaning and the edel+white model came out on top!

The University of Liverpool found that non-contact cleaning extends the reach of the bristles by 2-3 mm.

Professor H.P. Saxer, a founding father of Swiss dental hygiene and prophylaxis, concluded that the entire interdental region can be cleaned with a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush. 


De-stress in three minutes

Teaching old routines new tricks: Just three minutes of slow-paced breathing a day has been shown to have a clinically relevant impact on stress and anxiety via the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate. Regular, slow-paced breathing can therefore help keep these symptoms under control.

A moment of me time

Many people practice yoga or daily meditation, both of which centre around breathing. It is a precious moment of reflection, time for yourself. The relationship between breathing and stress relief has been well documented and is what inspired the integration of a breathing trainer into Health Suite.

Therapy for mind, body and mouth

Health Suite has an integrated breathing timer that stems from Prāṇāyāma, which is the practice of controlled breathing in yoga. Health Suite’s yoga mode drives controlled, slow-paced breathing, helping remedy the physiological symptoms of psychosomatic disorders. It has therefore been suggested that daily use of Health Suite in yoga mode is an effective form of psychosomatic therapy.*

*Study by Thomas H. Loew at University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

Experience Health Suite, 

your handheld dental hygienist

Holistic toothbrushing provides oral care, healthcare and self-care, streamlining the toothbrushing routine to improve your wellbeing in just a few minutes each day. 

All you need in one sleek package

The edel+white promise:
10 years'
guaranteed availability of all replacement brush heads!

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