Maximum cleaning with minimum effort

For braces and spaces

So you’ve got braces. They’re a pain – literally! – but we’ve developed a toothbrush that helps you get the best of your braces. Yes, it looks weird, but all the unusual elements of this brush were designed for a reason. With Pro-Ortho, you can:

  • Brush everything in one: its wide head cleans tooth, gum and braces at once

  • Be tough on braces: inner bristles deeply clean braces while outer ones brush along the gum line

  • Give it a squeeze: its flexible handle makes it easier to guide the brush around the mouth

Pro-Ortho is a fun and effortless toothbrush for cleaning teeth with braces – it’s so easy that you won’t even realise how well you’re caring!

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edelwhite Swiss Pro-Ortho toothbrush has a wider head for a better clean of braces


Ultra-soft tapered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning. Durable and fine for cleaning between teeth


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Specialist Swiss brisltes that are ultrasoft and gentle on gums, but tough and safe on orthodontic braces


edel-white Swiss Pro-Ortho has a wide ergonomic pressure-absorbing handle for comfortable brushing of braces


An optimised brush head with specialist bristles

With six compact rows and 36 tufts of special bristles (more on this later!), Pro-Ortho is 1.5x the width of an average toothbrush head. This means it can clean more at once without you even having to think about it – it’s fool-proof! Not only is the head wider, but it’s shorter. This allows you to guide the brush along the braces, cleaning each bracket, tooth and the gum as it goes. Before you know it, your two minutes will be up and your teeth, gums and braces will be deeply cleaned with minimal effort.

Remember those six rows of bristles? Well, the outer two rows on each side are tufted with our UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles. These are so fine and flexible that they are able to adapt to the shapes within the mouth, gently cleaning along the gum line and between teeth. That’s right, you’ll almost be flossing without even realising it! Their UltraSoftness is also kind to gums that may be irritated by the braces.

The middle two rows of bristles are made of much tougher stuff. Don’t get us wrong, our Konex HD® bristles are super durable, but the inner bristles of the Pro-Ortho were specially designed for cleaning braces. They’re stiff and tough, yet safe, on braces. They need to be a little more hardy than regular bristles, braces will cause regular bristles to wear out quite quickly. You’ll also notice when looking at the brush that these tough inner bristles are a little shorter than the UltraSoft outer ones, creating a groove that is designated for your braces. When brushing, this gives you an all-round clean that covers teeth, braces and gums at the same time. You can’t get much more efficient than that!

Pro-Ortho specialist Swiss bristles deeply and safely clean orthodontic braces. Ultra-soft bristles clean teeth and gums
Specialist Swiss made Pro-Ortho toothbrush for perfect cleaning of orthodontic braces

Are you cleaning your braces properly and regularly?

Braces are a big investment – not only financially, but also in the temporary disruption of your smile! They provide additional cleaning challenges, as they add more surfaces within the mouth for bacteria to adhere to. If you don’t take extra special care while they’re on, then you won’t want to show off your teeth when they’re removed. Though your teeth will look straight, they may be decalcified (white spots on teeth) and existing amongst a mouthful of cavities and gum disease...Read more

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