Compact foaming

Smaller bubbles for a more efficient clean and less irritation

Regular high-foaming toothpaste with large bubbles next to compact-foaming edel-white toothpaste with small bubbles

The only toothpaste you should use with a sonic toothbrush

Foaming is an important part of the activity of a toothpaste. It helps to loosen stains and bacteria so that they can more easily be removed from the teeth. High-foaming formulas can irritate gums and that’s why we only use mild foaming ingredients in our toothpastes at edel+white. Not only does this reduce irritation, but it also produces a compact foam without large bubbles.

When a lot of foam is generated within the mouth, such as with a high-foaming toothpaste, less time and care is dedicated to brushing teeth. The compact foam of the edel+white toothpastes produces less foam in the mouth, which not only increases attentiveness during brushing, but it is far more compatible with electric and sonic toothbrushes.

A specialised formula that avoids the 'airbag effect'

Picture the toothpaste forming as tiny trucks in your mouth. These trucks must deliver their precious cargo – that being the active ingredients – all around the mouth, including between the teeth (the interdental spaces). Your brushing movements, particularly when enhanced by the use of a sonic toothbrush, push the trucks to where they need to go. If you use a regular high-foaming toothpaste, the large bubbles function as airbags, preventing the trucks’ access to the interdental spaces – a favourite spot for bacteria to settle, undisturbed. Using our one of our compact-foaming toothpastes, you will not experience this ‘airbag effect’. Rest assured that the precious cargo sealed within our formula will be delivered to the areas it needs to be.

The edel-white compact-foaming toothpastes

Care Forte versatile edel-white toothpaste for care and protection. Brightens teeth and strengthens gums

Care Forte

For brightening teeth and strengthening gums


Swiss-made fluoride-free Osmotonic toothpaste with Swiss Alpine salt. Osmotic action for healthy gums.


For natural cleaningand healing of gums without fluoride


Swiss-made edel white AntiPlaque and Whitening toothpaste. Reduces plaque, prevents tooth decay and whitens teeth.

Anti-Plaque + Whitening

For whitening teeth and preventing plaque


edel white kids 7 Fruchtli toothpaste, liquorice, apple, vanilla, orange, cherry, apple and lemon

7 Früchtli

For fun and education while brushing