Aces for braces

Look after your investment and you’ll be smiling with straight and healthy teeth for years to come

Closeup of white teeth with fixed metal orthodontic braces easily cleaned with Swiss Dental Experts Pro-Ortho toothbrush

Braces wearers have a higher risk of tooth decay

This is due to a higher level of plaque that builds up around the brackets of braces, which was found to be 2-3x higher than that of those without orthodontic appliances. It was also suggested that poor oral care during orthodontic treatment can increase the deterioration of gums and the underlying bone, so it’s even more important that you care for your teeth and gums during your time wearing braces.

Not only are your chances of tooth decay and gum disease higher, but a common issue for braces wearers are white spot lesions. These are areas of decalcified enamel that appear around the brackets of braces and are more visible once the braces have been removed. They can be prevented by establishing good oral hygiene habits, such as regular and thorough brushing and rinsing.

edel white's top products for braces wearers

edel white swiss toothbrush for cleaning orthodontic braces. Extra wide head and ergonomic handle.

Pro-Ortho toothbrush

Pro-Ortho has a number of features specially designed for the oral care of braces wearers.

  • A wider than average head means teeth, braces and gums can be cleaned at once

  • Tufted with two types of bristles that are gentle on gums and tough on braces

  • A wide and flexible handle helps guide the brush along the braces


Swiss made toothpaste gel STOP Sensitive for instant relief and lasting protection against sensitive teeth and gums

STOP Sensitive Toothgel

Though STOP Sensitive was designed to relieve sensitivity, studies show that this toothgel is extremely effective for those with braces.

  • Rapidly remineralises the enamel so lost minerals are replaced in the early stages of tooth decay

  • Low-level release of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions provide protection for up to 12 hours

  • Infiltrates the sub-surface of the enamel to prevent white spot lesions

  • Action kick-started in a low pH, so teens who consume fizzy drinks and sweets receive faster protection


Fresh + Protect natural antibacterial fluoride mouthwash with natural grapefruit and lemon extracts

Fresh + Protect mouthwash

Fresh + Protect is a great mouthwash for just about anyone, but can be particularly handy for on-the-go rinsing after meals (a routine frequently recommended to braces wearers).

  • Anti-bacterial to help maintain a balanced pH within the mouth

  • Invigorating citrus flavour with natural fruit extracts, offering an exciting alternative to mint

  • Able to access any areas Pro-Ortho and STOP Sensitive may have missed