Become a toothbrush master!
It's the easiest thing in the world

Here comes the best at an even better price
A healthy mouth is known to contribute a lot to lifelong well-being. And a full wallet doesn't harm well-being either!

 Here you get *more* care for *less* money.

Be a Zahnputzmeister with the Zahnputzmeister.
It’s the simplest thing. 

Zahnputzmeister is the simplest and easiest choice for everyday brushing. Saving you time, money and space on your bathroom shelf, it is your complete oral care routine in just one nifty tool. Comprising all you need for better oral health, it simplifies your life so you can save your energy for the day ahead, rather than waste it on your morning routine. Minimising effort and maximising efficiency, it is the only oral care tool you need to keep smiling.

You don't need to be a professor. Or a nerd.

Mastering healthy teeth has never been so quick and easy

Don't believe anyone who says that brushing your teeth every day is rocket science. Together with the Toothbrushing Master, you'll instantly become one of the top 1% of the world's population!

Experience it for yourself: the master of highly effective, yet gentle tooth brushing

The ultra-efficient sonic toothbrush, its brush heads and cleaning modes clean any surface and take care of any problem. Don't waste space on your bathroom shelf with different types of brushes for different purposes. Don't waste your time on complicated dental care. 

Invest in this one tool and simplify your life. You too can be a toothbrush master!

What makes Zahnputzmeister a master?


We deliver. Science-backed top-rated brushing results .

Riding the waves

The power of Zahnputzmeister cleans all around teeth and gums without even needing to make contact with them. This phenomenon is non-contact cleaning.

Scientifically certified

Multiple studies have demonstrated the efficacy of non-contact cleaning, proving its ability to clean 2-3 mm beyond the bristles, taking care of the entire interdental region.

Brushing beyond

The power of Zahnputzmeister cleans all around teeth and gums without even needing to make contact with them. This phenomenon is non-contact cleaning.

A water park in your mouth

Non-contact cleaning causes the saliva and toothpaste in your mouth to create waves that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away bacteria and residual food.


Clean up your bathroom. This one tool is all you'll ever need.

Versatility in the palm of your hand

Each mode has been precisely programmed to bring out the best in you.

Sensitive Mode
Active Mode
Interdental Mode

Ultra-soft tapered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning. Durable and fine for cleaning between teeth


You can't go wrong or hurt your teeth and gums.

An intimate connection

The tapered shape of the UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles of Zahnputzmeister’s three brush heads helps them adapt to every surface of every tooth, hugging their curves for more intimate contact than conventional bristles can achieve. MORE 

Superlative bristles for superior cleaning

Konex HD® bristles are not only UltraSoft. They’re five times finer than regular UltraSoft bristles and five times more durable than conventional bristles. MORE


Just €20 a year for your personal dental hygienist

With Zahnputzmeister, good oral care costs you hardly any more. You can safely do without the unnecessary, expensive dental care utensils in the bathroom that you never use anyway!

This box contains everything you need:

The edel+white promise: 10 years' guaranteed availability of all replacement brush heads!

Masterfully innovative brush heads

Be part of it. Get your Zahnputzmeister now.

Technical specifications



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