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Maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth is better and safer than bleaching

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A white smile is the trend of the decade

From easily accessible over-the-counter whitening products to expensive professional procedures and everything in-between, there is a solution for everyone. We get that it can be overwhelming and difficult to find the right product for you, but panic no longer! We’re here to simplify the process for you, by providing you with effortless solutions that will safely and effectively whiten teeth.

How do I keep my teeth white?

The safest way to restore and maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth at home is with regular use of an abrasive whitening toothpaste. Don't worry, the word 'abrasive' is actually a good thing in dentistry and just means the mechanical removal of a substance by rubbing.

The colour of our teeth is determined by two factors: intrinsic and extrinsic

Intrinsic is the absorption and scattering of light by the enamel and underlying dentine, the colour of which can only be safely enhanced by professionals. Extrinsic is the outer surface of the enamel, which can be discoloured by the build-up of bacteria, food and drink. This kind of discolouration is easily removed to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

As the Swiss Dental Experts, we offer a range of stain-removing whitening products to help you control discolouration.

How to win at whitening

Over time, our enamel darkens. Mechanical abrasion combined with acidic substances and highly pigmented foods cause discolouration, leaving your teeth looking stained and dull. The most efficient way to whiten your teeth safely at home is to use Swiss Whitening in combination with a daily whitening and protection toothpaste, such as Anti-Plaque + Whitening. Level up your whitening game with our Stain Eraser toothbrush, or for best results, use the Health Suite's whitening mode with the Whitening Brush Heads.

Not only is a whitening toothpaste the easiest way to whiten and maintain the colour of your teeth, but it is also the safest.

From an increasing demand for whiter teeth came an increasing supply of cosmetic bleaching kits. While the speed and ease of these may sound appealing, the dangers are not well understood.

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Professional vs. over-the-counter bleaching

If you have a professional bleaching treatment at the dentist, you will be fitted for a tray to control the contact points of the bleach. Plus, the acid concentration and exposure time will be closely monitored. Over-the-counter kits, on the other hand, don't contain custom trays – or any trays at all! – so the application of the bleach is not controlled. This means it comes into contact with those soft tissues and can even reach the digestive tract if it's swallowed. If this uncontrolled at-home bleaching continues, these adverse effects of sensitivity and irritation accumulate to cause more damage and discomfort.

The results are only semi-permanent

But none of that matters because you've got shiny white teeth, right? Wrong! Well, it's partly right. Yes you'll have whiter teeth, but studies found that 40% of people need to bleach their teeth again within 8 years as the effects are not permanent. Additionally, bleaches containing a chemical known as carbamide peroxide have been shown to increase the roughness of the enamel – the extrinsic surface. If you were paying attention earlier, this becomes discoloured by a build-up of bacteria, food and drink. A rougher surface provides more nooks and crannies for bacteria and stain-causing substances to accumulate. Therefore bleached teeth can become discoloured even quicker and the increased roughness could be even harder for you to sufficiently clean, potentially leading to tooth decay (unless you're using an edel+white hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush!).

Are you ready for a little science? Don't worry, we'll keep it light!

The pH of our mouths should be neutral – around pH 7. When we eat, the bacteria in our mouths metabolise any sugar, we've consumed, producing acids in the process. This causes the pH of our mouths to drop. If the pH dips below 4.5, the enamel begins to dissolve – a process known as demineralisation. If this low pH is maintained, the dissolution of the enamel will likely lead to a cavity. Luckily for us, our saliva works as a buffer to bring the pH back to 7 and keep it there. Toothpastes can also help manage the pH of the mouth, in addition to controlling the balance of bacteria so we have fewer acid-producing ones living there.

Why are we going on about pH? Well, high concentrations of acids, like the peroxides within bleaching treatments significantly lower the pH of our mouths. As discussed, a prolonged period of a pH of 4.5 or less dissolves our enamel, which can cause sensitivity, particularly to temperature. Additionally, if the acid comes into direct contact with the soft tissues of the mouth (such as the gums and cheek lining), it can cause irritation.

These will help you whiten your teeth

Sonic Generation Health Suite

The Whitening mode of the Health Suite naturally whitens teeth by ridding their surfaces of pesky stains. This mode has the lowest frequency and highest amplitude – a ratio that is optimal for enhanced mechanical cleaning and removal of surface stains.

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STOP Stains: Swiss Whitening

Swiss Whitening is the Swiss Dental Experts’ proven solution against dull, stained teeth. The innovative, fresh-tasting, clean formula contains microparticles of refined lavastone to STOP Stains and polish enamel for noticeably brighter teeth.

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edel-white Stain Eraser whitening toothbrush removes stains for brighter, whiter teeth

The Stain Eraser toothbrush

The bristles of our Stain Eraser Toothbrush are 37% more effective at removing stains compared to other bristles. This is because the tiny rubber balls embedded within them erase stains from the enamel, resulting in naturally whiter teeth.

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edel+white antiplaque and whitening toothpaste reduces bacteria and safely whitens teeth

Anti-Plaque + Whitening toothpaste

Contains a unique combination of ingredients that work as a team to naturally whiten teeth, remove plaque and prevent its return. The compact-foaming formula is particularly ideal for use with the SG8.

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