Other oral care

Support tooth brushing and interdental cleaning with fresh breath and a healthy tongue

Boost overall oral health by taking care of the entire mouth

Edel+white Fresh+Protect mouthwash bottle

Fresh + Protect mouthwash

For natural antibacterial protection and invigorating freshness


Edel+white plastic tongue cleaners in clear, pink and blue

Tongue Cleaners

For quick and easy removal of bacteria and malodour from the tongue


Man and woman in sunglasses and warm clothes on a snowy mountain smiling

Do you think there are more bacteria in our body or more of our own cells?

Would you believe us if we told you it was the former? More than 700 species of bacteria have been found in humans, but there’s no need to panic! Most of these bacteria help keep our mouths and bodies healthy, though some can cause all sorts of problems.

A common misconception is that we must rid ourselves of all bacteria, but if we allowed this to happen, there would be all kinds of problems. We would likely be malnourished and there wouldn’t be much to defend us against non-bacterial infections – without them, it’s unlikely we’d even survive for very long! This is why we must focus on preserving the balance between the good and the bad bacteria within the mouth, which we can do by – yep, you guessed it! – maintaining good dental hygiene.