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Close-up of white ultra-soft tapered Konex HD bristles against black background

Brush up on bristles

Find out all about our bristles, from the softest Konex HD® bristles to the most effective whitening Pedex bristles

Did you know that tapered bristles have been shown to be more effective at cleaning than regular bristles? Not only are our Konex HD® bristles UltraSoft, but they are also super durable!


Close-up of woman wearing lipgloss smiling with white teeth

Whitening > Bleaching

Learn why maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth is better and safer than bleaching

From an increasing demand for whiter teeth came an increasing supply of cosmetic bleaching kits. While the speed and ease of these may sound appealing, the dangers are not well understood...


Non-contact cleaning of teeth with the hydrodynamic Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush illustration

Why sonic is superior

Learn why dentists all over the world recommend a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush

Not only does it enhance mechanical cleaning, but a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush can clean the entire interdental region. With UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles, the Sonic Generation 8 Winner is a market leader.


Close-up of smile to show white teeth and healthy pink gums

Be good to your gums

Read about why caring for your gums is just as important as keeping your teeth clean

Healthy gums + healthy teeth = a healthy smile. Gums are the foundation of our teeth and therefore our smile. If you want to continue smiling, then it's important not to neglect your gums.


Young boy laughing on the beach

Edutainment system

Learn how edel white adds education and entertainment to the tooth brushing routine

Learning through playing promotes the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, motor and creative development. Therefore, learning should be as close to everyday life as possible.

If the parents offer the child playful tooth brushing, the child associates a feeling of joy with the routine.


Crystalline fluoride structure illustration with cross through it

Fluoride fraud

Discover some facts about fluoride and hopefully you'll see it's not always so bad

Fluoride is a topic of much debate. It can be difficult to sift through all the information and find out the truth. But in actual fact, all you need to know is that if it genuinely wasn’t safe, then it simply wouldn’t be so widely accessible and recommended by medical professionals.


Close-up of smiling woman flossing between white teeth

Cleaning between

Find out about why it's so important to clean between each tooth

40% of each tooth is concealed in the space where two teeth meet (the interdental region). If you neglect to brush this area, it’s the equivalent of leaving an average of more than 12 whole teeth uncleaned!


Regular high-foaming toothpaste with large bubbles versus edel+white compact-foaming toothpaste with small bubbles

Compact foaming

Find out why a compact foaming toothpaste is better for your teeth and gums

Foaming is an important part of the activity of a toothpaste. It helps to loosen stains and bacteria so that they can more easily be removed from the teeth. However, the best toothpaste to use with a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush is one with a compact foam.


Arrangement of edel+white dental products: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, tongue cleaner and dental floss

Success in Switzerland

Read about the establishment of dental prophylaxis

With the right oral care, our teeth can last a lifetime! Thanks to the establishment of dental prophylaxis in Switzerland, many Swiss children are now growing into adulthood without cavities.


Close up of white teeth with fixed metal braces

Aces for Braces

Discover the challenges braces wearers face and the tools edelwhite have developed to help

Many of us have braces fitted in our teens, but adult braces are on the rise. Braces are a big investment – not only financially, but also in the temporary disruption of your smile! They provide additional cleaning challenges, as they add more surfaces within the mouth for bacteria to adhere to.