Target® and Focus®

A specialist brush head duo that cleans more in less time

Make bacterial control easier and more effective than ever with Target® and Focus®

With more and more products appearing on the market, the oral care routine is becoming complicated and time-consuming. At edel+white, we work hard to create better oral care. We say the simpler, the better! This mantra sparked inspiration for a tool that cleans teeth, gums and all that’s in-between without costing you extra time or effort. Target® & Focus® are a unique brush head duo developed for our Swiss Dental Expert hydrodynamic sonic toothbrushes.

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Ultra soft tapered bristles brush all around and between teeth and gums for gentle, thorough cleaning

A dynamic duo that cleans all around teeth

The UltraSoft and flexible Konex HD® bristles of the Focus® brush effortlessly adapt to the contours of each tooth. The pin-pointed single tuft of bristles of the Target® brush easily slide between the teeth for thorough interdental cleaning.

Focus brush with softest bristles cleans deeper between teeth and around gums for easy interdental cleaning and healthy gums

When it comes to bristles, quality > quantity

Our Konex HD® bristles are 8x finer than conventional bristles. It's easy to see how much deeper they can clean without any effort or pressure required. Powered by the non-contact cleaning of our sonic toothbrushes, Target® & Focus® give an unparalleled clean.

3 reasons to love Target and Focus

Ultrasoft tapered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning. Durable and fine for cleaning between teeth


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Swiss Focus brush with ultra-soft bristles thoroughly cleans every tooth and cares for gums


Target and Focus ultrasoft bristles for dental implant and bridge care and for deeply cleaning orthodontic braces


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With well-maintained dental hygiene, an implant can last a lifetime

edelwhite's Target® and Focus® are the answer to prolonging not only your implant, but your overall oral health

Although implants look and feel like natural teeth, there is no fusion between the implant and the gum. Rather than sitting within the gum like natural teeth, dental bridges rest on top of the gums leaving a nice cushy place for bacteria to settle between the false teeth and the gums. Implants have added complications as they are rooted to the jaw bone. If not kept clean – and we mean an all-round, 360° clean – bacteria can accumulate on the base of the implant leading to peri-implant disease. Peri-implant mucositis is irritation and inflammation of the gums surrounding the implant. It can be uncomfortable and if it is diagnosed too late or left untreated, it can develop into the more serious peri-implantitis which causes bone deterioration and compromises the implant.

A sonic cleans more effectively than a manual toothbrush

Dr Tamara Volinska, periodontist and founder of school for dental hygienists, would only use a manual toothbrush until edel white's sonic toothbrushes persuaded her otherwise.

Ukranian periodontist specialist and founder of dental hygiene school, Dr Tamara Volinska, smiling

Periodontal specialist and founder of dental hygiene school, Dr. Tamara Volinska, explains the edelwhite sonic toothbrush with Target and Focus and tells us why this is the toothbrush she recommends to everyone.

Clinical study showing better cleaning by edel-white hydrodynamic sonic Swiss toothbrsuh

Dr. Volinska and her team conducted a small study to compare the quality of the clean using a manual toothbrush vs. Target and Focus with an edel white hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush.

Ultrasoft bristles of edel white Focus brush gently and thoroughly clean around and care for teeth and gums

Focus® brushing

Focusing on each individual tooth

Gentle circular movements • Mild toothpaste • Preferred cleaning mode

Starting with the back molar, place the Focus® brush at a 45° angle to the gums and brush each tooth surface for 1-2 seconds.

Ultrasoft bristles of edel white Target brush gently and thoroughly clean between teeth and around implant, bridge and braces

Target® brushing

Targeting areas of concern

Pressureless brushing • Toothpaste optional • Sensitive mode

Guide the Target® brush through interdental spaces, along the gum line of each tooth and beneath and around bridges, implants and braces.

Did you know that an edel+white sonic toothbrush brushes 100x faster than a manual toothbrush?

A manual brush can only move as fast as your hand allows, which is around 300-400 strokes per minute. An edelwhite sonic toothbrush generates 42,000 brush strokes per minute, which is over 100 times faster – can you imagine brushing that fast manually?! Read more about why a sonic toothbrush is a superior toothbrush.

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