Swiss prophylaxis

With the right oral hygiene, teeth can stay healthy for a lifetime!

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Swiss dental care gained world renown for its prophylaxis programme

Since the 1950s, an educational method of systematic dental care based on considerable research has been implemented. Many Swiss children now grow to adulthood without cavities. This system is based on cooperation between dentists, dental hygienists, educational authorities and the oral care industry.

From this foundation, edel+white is proud to contribute its products to the maintenance of dental health and improved oral hygiene. With this aim in mind, edel+white uses the newest technologies, materials and ingredients. We research and develop new oral care products that are not only designed to achieve optimal medical benefit, but also to encourage daily use of them.

Prophylaxis is a key aspect of edel+white

Our products focus on the prevention of the two main dental diseases: cavities and gingivitis. Both are based on the uncontrolled growth of bacteria on the tooth surface, in interdental spaces and along the gum margin. This is why edel+white are firm supporters of thorough cleaning of the interdental area. We take the desire for white teeth seriously and offer safe and effective solutions for daily use of our products.

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Successful Swiss prophylaxis in numbers

With more than 90% fewer cavities in just one generation, there has been a great improvement in the dental health of Swiss citizens between 1963 and 2009:

  • 90-92% decrease in cavities in children between the ages of 8 and 12

  • 90% decrease in cavities in adolescents aged 14

  • A reduction of 12.5 to 1.31 in the occurrence of decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT index) in adolescents aged 14

  • A reduction of 0.86 to 0.01 in the loss of molar teeth

  • A reduction of 7.6 to 1.57 in the DMFT index of milk teeth

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Why Swiss prophylaxis is successful

  1. The installation of tooth brushing classes in primary schools

  2. The shaping of the dental hygienist job profile and the analysis of the institution of dental hygienist training

  3. The fluoridation of dental care products and drinking water and the use of fluoride tablets and fluoride salt

  4. The cooperation with the Swiss dental industry

Swiss prophylaxis is based on the four pillars of oral health: diet, cleaning, prevention with fluoride, and professional control.