Travel toothbrushes

Keep your teeth white and gums healthy while on-the-go

Whitening To Go

37% better stain removal than competing whitening brisltes

Whitening To Go toothbrush in packaging

A travel toothbrush for removing stains and cleaning teeth. Now you can maintain that bright, white smile wherever you are in the world!


Flosserbrush To Go

UltraSoft and tapered bristles clean between teeth and around gums

edel-white ultrasoft travel toothbrush to go for deep and gentle cleaning of healthy teeth and gums

A portable version of our bestselling Flosserbrush, so you never have to be without those UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles!


Ultrasoft tapered bristles clean between teeth and around gums. Specialist whitening bristles remove stains and whiten teeth

Spot the difference

Deciding between our two travelling toothbrushes can be tricky. To simplify things, just take a look at the bristles.

The Flosserbrush To Go (top) has UltraSoft, finely tapered bristles that are ideal for cleaning between teeth and around gums. This toothbrush is the perfect choice for those who seek comfort and efficiency on-the-go.

The Whitening To Go (bottom) has rounded whitening bristles that erase stains from teeth, leaving them polished and sparkly. This toothbrush is suited to those who want to maintain white teeth while travelling.

Two women with their hands in the air at the top of a mountain

Brush your teeth wherever you are

You have a limited amount of time to remove plaque from your teeth before it hardens. If it isn't removed, it can cause all sorts of problems from gingivitis to tooth loss. That's why it's important that we brush our teeth regularly and with edel+white's travel toothbrushes, you'e got no excuse not to!

Going away?

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