Clinical trial with Dr Tracey Lennemann

100% of participants agreed they had healthier teeth and gums in just one month

edelwhite sonic Swiss toothbrush before and after inflamed, bleeding gums healed and healthy

Patient M, 38 years old

Clincal trial, London, 2018

Dental hygienist, Dr Tracey Lennemann, tested the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® (SG8) on a selection of patients with particularly problematic oral hygiene over a three-month period.

After one month:

  • All found the cleaning effect to be better than their previous toothbrush

  • All found the overall efficiency to be better than their previous toothbrush

  • Almost all noticed a difference in the brush head, saying that the bristles are softer, clean better and get between the teeth well

  • Almost all found the handle to be comfortable to hold and manoeuvre

  • All would recommend the SG8

After three months (in addition to all of the above):

  • Almost all experienced zero sensitivity

  • All will continue to use after the trial

  • All noticed an improvement in their personal oral hygiene