The phenomenon of non-contact cleaning

Learn why the hydrodynamic power of edel+white's sonic toothbrush cleans deeper than others

What is non-contact cleaning?

The speed at which the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® (SG8) operates creates a current of fluids within the mouth, which clean beyond the reach of the bristles. That's how powerful the SG8 is – it's able to clean all around the teeth and gums without even needing to make contact with them.

How does it work?

Imagine a wave pool at a water park. When the wave machine is turned on, the water is pushed from the back of the pool to the front taking any swimmers with it. This action is similar to the hydrodynamic effect that occurs within the mouth when using a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush. When the brush is turned on, its movements cause the saliva and toothpaste to create waves that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away any bacteria and residual food.

Non-contact hydrodynamic cleaning action of Swiss edelwhite Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush

How does this compare to the action of other electric and sonic toothbrushes?

Due to a lack of power, electric and sonic toothbrushes are unable to generate the strong currents of fluids that a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush can. For this reason they can only clean teeth mechanically, or in other words, they only clean where the bristles touch (which is usually just the exposed surfaces of the teeth).

The SG8 cleans via both enhanced mechanical cleaning and non-contact cleaning, offering your teeth and gums the best in thorough cleaning.

edel-white sonic toothbrush scientifically proven to clean between teeth and gums

Scientifically proven to clean the entire interdental region

The efficacy of non-contact cleaning was proven by the University of Basel who compared three toothbrushes side-by-side to assess how well they can remove plaque without it coming into contact with the bristles and the SG8 came out on top! These results were again confirmed by the University of Zurich who measured the distance that these hydrodynamic waves travel. They found that non-contact cleaning extends the reach of the toothbrush by 2-3 mm. This, coupled with the mechanical cleaning of the tapered bristles, ensures cleaning of the entire interdental region.

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