Stiftung Warentest rated


The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® received a 'SEHR GUT' for its

quality cleaning performance and extended battery life

Edel white Swiss hydrodynamic electric toothbrush Sonic Generation 8 Winner with Stiftung Warentest magazine

One of the best electronic toothbrushes 2019/2020

The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® made it into Stiftung Warentest's top electric toothbrushes for 2019/2020. It achieved the highest rating – 'SEHR GUT' (VERY GOOD)– for both its cleaning performance and battery life and received a 'GUT' (GOOD) rating overall.

Stiftung Warentest say "Plaque is considered the cause of tooth decay and periodontitis. If a brush removes a lot of it, we award a 'SEHR GUT' for teeth cleaning. Only the test winner and edel+white’s Sonic Generation 8 Winner® succeeded in doing so." They also said the SG8 is "efficient and chic" and appreciated its contribution to relaxation with the Yoga mode.

Stiftung Warentest is a German organisation offering consumers independent and objective support through comparative tests of goods and services. They buy the products anonymously, test them scientifically and evaluate then publish the results.