The Yoga mode

A unique cleaning mode of our sonic toothbrush that increases relaxation and decreases blood pressure

Sukhasana pose. Yoga mode of edel-white Swiss sonic toothbrush to calm, relieve stress and reduce blood pressure

Stress less and brush better

Sounds good, right? Namastay with us and we’ll tell you more

The Yoga mode is where we really show you how much we care about you. Don’t panic – we’re not suggesting you get into Downward Dog pose while brushing your teeth! Anyone can partake in edel+white’s Yoga mode. Many people practice yoga or daily meditation, both of which centre around breathing. The relationship between breathing and stress-relief has been well documented and is what inspired us to integrate a breathing trainer into the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® (SG8).

How does it work?

The Yoga mode uses timers to regulate your breathing rhythm. It works for 4 seconds during which time you brush your teeth while inhaling through the nose. The brush will then pause for another 4 seconds prompting you to stop brushing and hold your breath. It will then continue for 8 seconds during which you resume brushing while exhale through the nose. A short interruption in the cycle indicates the start of a new one and you begin to inhale again. Not only does the Yoga mode help relieve stress and anxiety, but it encourages attentiveness during brushing. Each cycle (4-second inhale, 4-second pause, 8-second exhale, 1-second interruption) provides plenty of time for you to sufficiently brush one surface of one quadrant within the mouth. Given that each of the four quadrants contain three surfaces to brush, the cycle repeats a total of 12 times, after which time your teeth are clean and your mind calm.

A psychosomatic treatment method

Daily use keeps symptoms under control

Just three minutes of slow-paced breathing a day has been shown to have a clinically relevant impact on stress and anxiety via the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate. This is particularly significant for patients with psychosomatic disorders whose mental health conditions (e.g. stress and anxiety) have adverse effects on their physiological functioning. Common symptoms for such patients involve the cardiovascular system and include hypertension and respiratory complaints. Thus, regular slow paced breathing can help keep these symptoms under control.

edel+white’s Sonic Generation 8 Winner (SG8) hydrodynamic toothbrush has an integrated breathing timer that stems from Prāṇāyāma, which is the practice of controlled breathing in yoga. The SG8’s yoga mode drives regular slow-paced breathing, thus helping remedy the physiological symptoms of psychosomatic disorders. It has therefore been suggested that daily use of the SG8 in yoga mode is an effective form of psychosomatic therapy.*

*Study by Thomas H. Loew at University Hospital Regensburg, Germany