STOP Sensitive Toothgel

Instant. Bioactive Protection. Forever.

Banish sensitivity from your life now and forever

STOP Sensitive toothpaste gel – or toothgel – is a new patented formula that stops sensitivity and prevents tooth decay without compromise. By this we mean that it looks good, tastes good and it actually works. This is not your ordinary sensitive toothpaste, rather it is a refreshing blue toothgel that not only provides instant and lasting sensitivity relief and cavity protection, but it also expertly cleans teeth.

Its effects are:

  • Instant – sensitive teeth will be immediately soothed

  • Lasting – relief and protection last for up to 12 hours

  • Forever – results accumulate over time for dramatic improvements after just one month

What more could you want?! (No, really. Tell us what more and we’ll find a solution for you.).

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4 reasons to love STOP Sensitive


Tooth icon with protection shield surrounding it


edel-white STOP Sensitive vegan paraben free toothpaste gel contains no nasties or nasty chemicals


Patented Biomin STOP Sensitive toothgel provides long lasting protection against sensitive teeth and gums


Patented bioactive protection

Up to 40% of the population suffer with sensitivity and here's how STOP Sensitive can bring that number down

Did you know...?

This toothpaste has been recommended for prophylactic use ahead of bleaching treatments. Brushing your teeth with STOP Sensitive in the lead up to and during such treatments can reduce expected sensitivity.

Dentine hypersensitivity is a common issue in patients of all ages, and is not only painful, but also impacts their quality of life. A recent study at the University of Zurich found that twice daily use of a BioMin-containing toothpaste, such as STOP Sensitive, can reduce dentine hypersensitivity. Not only does it alleviate the discomfort associated with sensitivity, but such a toothpaste can also be used prophylactically ahead of dental treatment.

In the same study, participants’ feedback on BioMin toothpaste was extremely positive. Reports included a reduction in dentine hypersensitivity, a decrease in the formation of tartar and that until this toothpaste, others have failed to relieve their pain.

Powerful patented scientific Biomin sensitive toothpaste instantly stops sensitivity and provides lasting protection

With powerful patented bioactive CFPS

Calcium fluoro phosphosilicate forms the core of STOP Sensitive Toothgel and provides a number of benefits:

  • Administers fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions at a slow and steady rate for up to 12 hours

  • Replaces the enamel's natural material, hydroxyapatite, with more acid-resistant fluorapatite

  • Occludes exposed dentinal tubules for instant and lasting relief from sensitivity

Biomimetic toothpaste forms acid-resistant apatite to protect teeth from sensitivity and decay

"Bio" from ancient Greek βίο- , meaning life and "mimetic" from ancient Greek μιμητικός, meaning to imitate.

Biomimetic repair

"Biomimetics is a creative form of technology that uses or imitates nature to improve human lives"*

We developed STOP Sensitive Toothgel based on this technology to shield and repair teeth. Our formula uses biomimetic apatite to form an acid-resistant layer around teeth that shields them from sensitivity and decay. STOP Sensitive mimics the teeth's natural remineralisation process, but the result is faster, longer lasting and more powerful than teeth can achieve alone.

*from Biomimetics: forecasting the future of science, engineering, and medicine by Hwang, J. et al.

A slick and functional formula that contains only what’s needed

In order to further explain the benefits of our toothgel, we need to firstly explain the formula and STOP Sensitive doesn’t have just any formula. You’ll realise this once you scan the INCI and see that it contains very few ingredients and that water isn’t one of them. This is quite unusual for a toothpaste and is something that we have worked tirelessly to perfect.

But why exclude water? Surely that’s not bad for my teeth?

Of course water isn’t bad for the teeth, but it is bad news for this highly specialised toothgel. At the core of our formula is patented bioactive calcium fluoro phosphosilicate. Since we’re going to be talking about the wonders of this molecule a lot, let’s shorten it to CFPS! When brushed onto the teeth, CFPS forms a shield around each one for the relief and protection we told you about. In the presence of water – or saliva when in the mouth – this shield steadily dissolves for a period of up to 12 hours, releasing important ions that we’ll tell you more about a little later.

If we included water in our formula, the CFPS would begin to dissolve in the tube, thus protecting the toothgel itself. That’s hardly going to be useful when you come to brush your teeth, is it?! That’s why STOP Sensitive has a glycerin-based formula that took that little bit of extra time, care and effort to perfect. As we said, it’s not your average sensitive toothpaste and once you’ve used it, you’ll understand why.

Remember we said that our formula contains only the few ingredients necessary to carry out its work? Not only does this make it super efficient, but it means that it is formulated without any unwarranted ‘nasties’! That means no SLS (aggressive foamers), no parabens, no sodium saccharin, no palm oil, no titanium dioxide… and the list goes on. Did we mention it’s gluten-free and vegan too?

Scientific Swiss expert STOP Sensitivity toothpaste gel on whitening Stain Eraser toothbrush



Only for adults. Do not swallow.

edelwhite Swiss Dental Experts vegan sensitivity toothpaste for sensitive teeth and irritated gums

Do you experience tooth pain?

Around 40% of the population experience dentin hypersensitivity, so you're not alone! A number of stimuli can cause this pain, but it usually comes as a result of exposed dentine...Read more

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