Easy Tape

Waxed Dental Tape for

effortless interdental cleaning

Dental tape can be more efficient than regular floss

Unlike regular dental floss, our waxed dental tape is wide and flat in shape, which is advantageous for a number of reasons. The flatness combined with its waxed coating means Easy Tape effortlessly slides into even the tightest spaces between teeth. This makes it particularly ideal for flossing beginners. Easy tape is wider than an average dental floss, so the time spent flossing (or should we say taping?!) is greatly reduced as it is able to clean more of a tooth’s surface at once. Its waxy, ribbon-like form also means that the tape is non-slip and does not cut into fingers.

Easy Tape comes conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser, which is ideal for use both at home and on-the-go. At a whopping 70m, it’s super economical and will last you approximately 200 uses, which is around 6 months if you’re flossing once a day (which we hope you are, or will be very soon!).

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4 reasons to love Easy Tape

Waxed dental floss tape ribbon glides between teeth for effortless flossing and interdental cleaning


Swiss dental floss lightly frays for deep and thorough interdental and gum cleaning


Expert waxed dental floss in refreshing mint and juicy lime caipirinha cocktail flavour


Travel friendly long lasting 70 metre specialist dental tape by the Swiss Dental Experts


Why is Easy Tape better?

Expert Swiss dental floss tape frays to double surface area for better deeper interdental cleaning

Better cleaning

A larger surface area cleans more at a time

When a floss frays, it expands its surface area. Instead of one strand, it suddenly consists of hundred strands, more than doubling its total surface area. A larger surface can provide a more extensive clean, by accessing more tooth in less time and adhering to sticky bacterial plaque.

Professional specialist edelwhite Swiss Dental Experts floss for dentists 250 m for dentist patients

Great for professional use

Our 250 m pack lasts for 400 patients

This jumbo pack of Easy Tape is perfect for dentists to demonstrate the correct flossing technique, with each pack lasting for around 400 patients. It's also ideal for at-home use, particularly for the world's flossing elite.

Man flossing teeth with mint flavoured edel-white expert Swiss dental floss Easy Tape

"Easy to use, does not cut in and – very important – you can see how much is still on the roll so you can buy [more] in time"

– Lachstark customer

How to use Swiss Dental Experts dental floss Easy Tape for interdental cleaning beginners
Easy flossing instructions for beginners using edel white expert dental floss Easy Tape

The Easy Tape technique

  1. Dispense 40 cm of tape and wind the majority (~30-35 cm) around the middle finger of your non-dominant hand

  2. Wind the remainder of the tape around the middle finger of your dominant hand, leaving a length of a few centimetres of tape between the fingers on each hand

  1. Pinch the tape with your thumb and pull it taut before gently sliding it between the teeth

  2. Curve the floss around the edge of one tooth, and using a gentle back and forth motion, slowly work the floss from bottom to top before doing the same for the other tooth

  3. Repeat between all teeth using a fresh section of floss by winding a few centimetres at a time from your non-dominant to your dominant hand. Don’t forget to floss the back surfaces of your back teeth!

Would you leave 12 teeth uncleaned?

40% of each tooth is concealed within the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush between the teeth, it's the equivalent of leaving an average of 12 whole teeth uncleaned...►Read more

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