Interdental Pick Sticks

For easy and comfortable cleaning on-the-go

Clean between & clear plaque

Meet the incredible interdental double act: Pick Stick! Conjoined in the middle, this handy duo provides all you need for easy cleaning between the teeth on-the-go. At one end is a flexible rubber head that comfortably slides between teeth. At the other is a plastic hook that removes any plaque or residue that remains between or on the teeth. It’s as easy as 1, 2! Yes, you read correctly – as easy as 1, 2, which is even easier than 1, 2, 3! This is because there are just two quick steps to this tool: brush and pick.

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3 reasons to love edel white Interdental Pick Sticks

Double ended Swiss quality rubber toothpick with brush and pick for interdental cleaning on the go


Perfect rubber toothpick for interdental cleaning for beginners at home and on the go


Flexible rubber toothpick pick easily reaches the back molars for thorough cleaning between teeth


Brunette woman with red lipstick cleaning between her teeth with interdental brush

How to use

  1. Carefully slide the rubber brush between teeth without force and remove. Repeat as many times as necessary, then rinse with water

  2. Scrape off any remaining plaque or residual food that remains either interdentally or on the surface of the teeth

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each interdental space

  4. Rinse your mouth with alcohol-free fluoridated mouthwash

Would you leave 12 teeth uncleaned?

40% of each tooth is concealed within the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush between the teeth, it's the equivalent of leaving an average of 12 whole teeth uncleaned...Read more

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