Interdental Brushes

For perfect cleaning of interdental spaces of all sizes

The most efficient tool for interdental cleaning

Interdental brushes are the preferred method for cleaning between teeth and edel+white’s EasyFlex Interdental Brushes are no exception. Lightweight and ergonomic, the flexible handle fits the shape of your hand allowing an easy grip and effortless reach of the back molars. With six different sizes, there’s a brush for interdental spaces of every width. A flexible neck prevents damage to the wire core, prolonging the life of the brush head while the bristles have an antibacterial coating to prevent contamination.

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edel-white flexible Swiss interdental brush ergonomic, easy to use and highly efficient for cleaning between teeth


Why use a straight interdental brush, when your jaw is curved? This was the simple thought that sparked the idea of EasyFlex: a curved brush that flexibly adapts to the shape of your jaw.


Never has interdental cleaning been so easy, comfortable and thorough. The curved handle and flexible neck provides effortless cleaning between every tooth – even the back molars. When used together with an UltraSoft Konex HD® toothbrush, your mouth will be a healthy one all round!

4 reasons to love edel-white EasyFlex Interdental Brushes

Expert Swiss interdental brush has six different sizes for all interdental spaces


Flexible neck of edelwhite EasyFlex interdental brush allows easy reach of back teeth


edel white antibacterial interdental brush perfect for caring for dental implants


Anti-slip ergonomic handle makes the edel-white interdental brush easy to use and effortless for beginners


100% all-round care

Expert EasyFlex interdental brush with antibacterial coating, ergonomic extendable handle and flexible neck
Brunette woman smiling while cleaning between teeth with orange edel-white EasyFlex interdental brush

"The best of the interdental brushes I have ever tried"

– lachstark.com customer

Which brush is for you?

With a size for every interdental space, you're sure to find the right fit for you!

edel white Swiss colour-coded interdental brushes in six sizes for narrow and wide interdental spcaes
XS interdental brushes for narrow interdental spaces. For beginners and young adults

XS | 0.42 mm

  • For very narrow interdental spaces

  • Especially recommended for young people

SSS interdental brushes for cleaning between incisors, canines and adolescent molars

SSS | 0.45 mm

  • For cleaning between incisors, canines and for between the molars of adolescents

SS interdental brushes for cleaning between young adult canines and molars

SS | 0.5 mm

  • For cleaning between the canines and molars of young people

Small blue expert interdental brushes for thorough cleaning between molars

S | 0.6 mm

  • For cleaning between molars

Medium yellow interdental brushes for deep and thorough cleaning between molars

M | 0.7 mm

  • For cleaning between the molars of older adults

Large intedental brushes for cleaning braces and wide interdental spaces. Ideal for periodontitis

L | 0.8 mm

  • For cleaning between molars

  • Particularly suitable for those with periodontitis

  • Also recommended for cleaning braces

Find the right EasyFlex interdental brush for you with the colour-coded assorted pack

MIX | 0.42 - 0.8 mm

  • An assortment of all six of our interdental brushes

  • Recommended starter pack to test which size is best for you

Would you leave 12 teeth uncleaned?

40% of each tooth is concealed within the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush between the teeth, it's the equivalent of leaving an average of 12 whole teeth uncleaned...►Read more

How to use EasyFlex Interdental Brushes

Cartoon illustration of EasyFlex interdental brushes cleaning between teeth and around gums
  1. Starting with the front teeth, insert the brush between the teeth slowly and without force

  2. Remove the brush at the same angle at which it was inserted – never twist or rotate

  3. Repeat between all teeth, rinsing the brush as often as you feel is necessary

  4. For the back teeth, place the cap on the end of the handle for extended reach and gently bend the neck for easier access

  5. When all interdental spaces are clean, rinse the brush a final time

  6. Replace your Interdental Brush with a new one when it's worn out

The advantages of EasyFlex lie in your hand

  • The neck of the brush remains flexible and bends without breaking

  • The removable cap doubles the length of the ergonomic handle

  • The handle is non-slip and highly flexible at the same time

  • The protective coating prevents bacterial contamination

  • Sizes XS to L meet the requirements of every individual's needs

  • The brush core is robust and durable thanks to 1000 N/mm² surgical wire

  • Colour coding makes it easy to choose the right size

Effortless execution demonstrated by Dr Tracey Lennemann

Simply bend, insert, remove, repeat

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