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Taking care of your mouth every day is a big decision. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be complicated. When we created Swiss edel+white 20 years ago, our goal was simple: to offer you a safe, fast, and effective cleaning solution without any hassle. Our toothbrushes reach every corner of your mouth in no time! Try our amazing, science-based sonic toothbrushes! Toothpastes by edel+white provide the highest level of protection and remineralization. You can trust edel+white because our products are backed by proven science. Here at edel+white, we take pride in being ahead of the competition when it comes to quality, technology, and service. 

In addition to our extensive range of specialist products, we help educate consumers on all things oral care through creative storytelling. Click here to start learning and if there are any topics you'd like to learn more about, let us know here!

Swiss bioscience invented
a daily game-changer

STOP Sensitivity toothgel is a patented formula that stops sensitivity and prevents tooth decay without compromise. This is not your ordinary sensitive toothpaste, rather it is a refreshing blue toothgel that not only provides instant and lasting sensitivity relief and cavity protection, but it also expertly cleans teeth. 

Special offer: free sample with every order and 25% discount with follow-up purchase.

New for 2023

edel+white STOP Irritation

For immediate relief and superior protection with chlorhexidine

A broad spectrum antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory mouthwash to relieve discomfort and treat oral wounds and localised inflammation.


Flosserpik Power Spa

Portable water flossing power

A compact and portable water flosser that still packs a punch. Cordless and waterproof for time-saving convenience.


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Top personal care brand in Germany

edel+white is one of Smarthome's top brands for 2021 in the Fitness and Personal Care category. According to, smart home technology is about making life safer, more  convenient and more beautiful. When it comes to personal care, this means reliable technology that helps you take care of yourself. Their rating system for brands assesses the following six criteria: quality, price-performance ratio, user-friendliness, design, durability and installation/assembly. edel+white's high score in all of these categories earned it its place amongst the top sonic toothbrush brands for 2021. 

Testimonials from the professionals

Motivational speaker, periodontist and dental hygienist, Dr Tracey Lennemann RDH, PhD

"I am a fan of hydrodynamic technology, but edel+white is the next generation."

Dr Tracey Lennemann, Periodontal Specialist, London/ Washington DC / München

Swiss television presenter Doctor Samuel Stutz and editor of Sprechstunde Doktor Stutz

"The Swiss sonic toothbrush 'edel+white Sonic Generation 8 Winner' has the best cleaning performance."

Dr Samuel Stutz, Zürich

"90% of a person’s oral health is determined by what they do at home"

– Dr. Tracey Lennemann, RDH, PhD 

Award-winning and talked-about 

Zahnfreundlich Toothfriendly International logo. Non- profit association for better oral health

"On its 10th anniversary, the Swiss dental brand edelwhite is enriching the interdental brush market with new developments"

Dental Tribune logo. News, education and information from the world of dentistry.

"The very good reviews are consistent with the outstanding study results of the University of Basel"

Stifutng Warentest awarded a 'SEHR GUT' for teeth cleaning. Only the test winner and edel+white’s Sonic Generation 8 Winner® succeeded in doing so.

Swiss Dental Hygienists logo. Organisation for quality oral health professionals in Switzerland.

"With 7 different toothpastes, edel+white's children's toothpaste follows a scientifically proven learning concept and lets you learn how to brush your teeth in a playful way"