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The champion of cordless water flossers
Power Spa is our latest and most advanced development in water flossing,
providing years of extra clean teeth and healthy gums in just one slimline, compact product.

Despite its petite size, it boasts a powerful water stream that obliterates plaque and residual food from between teeth and around the gumline. Its focused Spot Clean mode help you direct water flow without making a mess and wasting water. Plus, it’s mouthwash-compatible due to its accessible and easily cleaned tank, so you can introduce a burst of freshness or target tender areas with medicated rinses. 

It is the tool for fairweather flossers who struggled to make interdental cleaning a habit. No one enjoys flossing. It’s hard, we get it. With Power Spa, you can look forward to expanding your oral care routine. 

Fully waterproof, it can even be used in the shower for time-saving convenience. Not a chore, but a pampering session for the mouth, water flossing with Power Spa will freshen up your routine and freshen up your mouth.

A scientifically certified spa

Water flossing has shown scientifically proven benefits in a number of trials and studies, consistently demonstrating better results that dental floss (not to mention higher compliance and ease of use!). 

Water flossing reduces gum bleeding and gingivitis, resulting in lower rates of periodontitis. It’s not only superior to dental flossing either: water flossing was shown to remove more plaque from tooth surfaces than interdental brushes after a single use. 

Combining science with the spa, Power Spa is a clinically proven pampering session for your smile. 

Superior oral health at 

your fingertips

Compact & Cordless 

Similar to the Lighthouse Flosserpik, the Power Spa Flosserpik is a high-pressure oral irrigator that cleans teeth, gums, and all that’s in-between, with strong, pulsating water jets. Power Spa is compact, portable, and completely waterproof. It's cordless and convenient in use – you can even take Power Spa in the shower or bath! A unique feature is its tank, which can be opened for easy cleaning. This makes Power Spa the perfect applicator for medical mouthwashes.


Power Spa can be safely filled with diluted mouthwash to revitalise your routine with added freshness, making it the enemy of halitosis and your new best friend!

 You can even use chlorhexidine mouthwashes to heal wounds, ulcers and areas of inflammation. Power Spa’s pointed jet tip and Spot Clean mode allows for targeted application (and minimises splashing!), so you can treat only the specific areas that need it.

This handy collaboration between water flosser and mouthwash is only made possible by Power Spa’s easily accessed tank. It is effortlessly cleaned after each use, preventing mouthwash build-up and prolonging the life of your Power Spa – not to mention the health of your teeth and gums! 

UltraSoft toothbrushing

Included with Power Spa are four specialised attachments, one of which is tufted with edel+white’s signature UltraSoft Konex HD bristles. 

Their flexibility allows them to effortlessly adapt to the teeth’s contours, while their finely tapered tips reach between teeth and just beneath the gum line. This results in a deeper, more thorough clean, and therefore a higher disruption of plaque. In the case of Konex HD®, softness is not synonymous with weakness. Though they are 5x finer than regular UltraSoft bristles, they are 5x more durable than regular bristles.
They are therefore more resistant than most, allowing them to clean gently, yet thoroughly, for longer. 

Specialised attachments:

How to use

How to clean your Power Spa 

The UltraSoft Brush Head tip should be changed every 2 months. All other tips can be replaced every 6 months.
We recommend regular cleaning of your Power Spa tips (every 2-4 weeks depending on your usage pattern) by following these steps:

What's in the box?

Technical specifications

Power Spa FAQs

How do I build Flosserpik Power Spa into my routine?

Flosserpik Power Spa is the easiest water flossers to integrated into anyone’s routine. Its slim, portable and waterproof design doesn’t restrict its use to the sink. Rather, you can conveniently take your Power Spa into the shower or bath. This is the most effortless way to introduce Power Spa to your routine, as you can wash your teeth while you wash the rest of your body.

Flosserpik Power Spa is best used after you’ve brushed your teeth, as its powerful water jets can flush away any plaque and debris that was loosened during brushing. However, for a boost of freshness or for the delivery of a medicated oral rinse to aid healing, Power Spa can be used with mouthwash throughout the day.

Does water flossing replace toothbrushing?

No. You’ll already know this if you’re an existing edel+white customer, but if you’re not, or if you need a refresher: the best way to clean your teeth is with a sonic toothbrush, such as our Sonic Generation 8 Winner. Its dual action of mechanical and hydrodynamic cleaning make it a superior tool for oral hygiene. Click here if you’d like to read more on this.

You’re probably wondering why you need a water flosser if a sonic toothbrush is so great at cleaning. Unfortunately, there is no one tool to clean and care for 100% of your mouth. We’re working on it, but until then, all our devices are optimised to work synergistically for a simplified and more efficient routine. The Sonic Generation 8 Winner is the best tool for plaque removal, while Power Spa is particularly great at caring for gums. Together, along with chemical help from toothpaste and mouthwash, these tools work to remove plaque and reduce inflammation to both improve and maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Does water flossing replace traditional floss?

Both water flossers and traditional floss are tools for interdental cleaning. In addition to these, there are also interdental brushes, toothpicks and floss sticks. Choosing a tool mostly comes down to personal preference, but each one has its own benefits. 

Research has found water flossers to be more effective at reducing gum bleeding and plaque than traditional dental floss and interdental brushes. This is likely due to their biphasic hydrokinetic activity, which essentially means they use water in two different ways to clean the mouth: pulsation and pressure. The pulsating action massages the gums, reducing inflammation while pushing bacteria out from under the gum line. At the same time, the pressure action flushes this bacteria away, along with any that have settled on or between teeth. 

Water flossers are particularly beneficial for those with periodontal pockets, as they are able to reach up to 90% of the average pocket depth of 6 mm. Additionally, a significant reduction of bleeding surrounding implants was demonstrated following regular use with a water flosser versus dental floss.

So does water flossing replace traditional floss? It has been demonstrated to yield better results, especially for those with extra cleaning requirements, such as orthodontic fixtures and dental restorations.

From what age is Flosserpik Power Spa recommended?

While Power Spa can be easily operated by young children, we recommend use from the age of 10. It is often an easier (and more fun!) tool for kids to learn interdental cleaning, so Power Spa could be a great introduction.

What solutions can I use in Flosserpik Power Spa?

You can use any alcohol-free mouthwash in Power Spa, such as our STOP Irritation or Fresh+Protect. This can aid delivery of healing chlorhexidine to any oral wounds or inflammation, while boosting the freshness of your routine. We don't recommend using any products containing alcohol with Power Spa. Alcohol is as bad for Power Spa as it is your oral health, causing both to degrade much quicker.

Power Spa should be cleaned after each use with mouthwash. Its tank is accessible for easy cleaning, and if you regularly fill the tank with mouthwash, it’s a good idea to occasionally run Power Spa with just water to flush it through. 

Can I use Flosserpik Power Spa after surgery?

We don't recommend using Power Spa for the first few days following oral surgery. Instead, you should gently rinse using a chlorhexidine-based mouthwash, such as STOP Irritation. After a few days, you can begin to reintroduce Power Spa on the lowest pressure setting. To aid the healing process, you can fill the tank with mouthwash, which will help you apply chlorhexidine more directly to the surgical site. Your oral surgeon should give you tips for aftercare, but if you have any concerns, it’s always best to consult a dental professional before using new oral care products and tools.

How often should I use Flosserpik Power Spa?

This really depends on you and your cleaning requirements. There are three common usage patterns that can be used as a guide:

I have gingivitis. How can Power Spa help me?

Power Spa is the best tool you can use for any kind of gum disease. Its biphasic hydrokinetic action of pressure and pulsation massage the gums to stimulate and tighten them. This helps to reduce inflammation and bleeding, while also strengthening your gums to protect against future bouts of gingivitis and disease progression.

I have periodontitis. How can Flosserpik Power Spa help me?

Research has shown that water flossers can reach up to 90% the depth of the average periodontal pocket (6 mm). This makes Power Spa the ideal solution for maintaining cleanliness between appointments with your dentist. The Subgingival tip was especially design

Can I use Flosserpik Power Spa to clean my braces?

Absolutely! Practising interdental cleaning with braces can be tricky. Power Spa can clean around the brackets of your braces, while also cleaning between teeth. Its pulsating jets of water blast away any residual food and bacteria, helping you to maintain a high standard of oral health throughout the lifespan of your braces.ed for cleaning beneath the gum line, though it should only be used on the lowest pressure setting. Power Spa is also compatible with most mouthwashes, so you can administer the solution directly into your periodontal pockets to aid healing.

How can Flosserpik Power Spa help my halitosis?

In 8 out of 10 cases, halitosis is caused by the breakdown of residual food in the mouth by bacteria. Usually, this is easily rectified with regular cleaning. Not only will this remove residual food, leaving the bacteria with nothing to break down, but it also controls the levels of bacteria in the mouth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, food often becomes stuck in places that are not easily accessed with a toothbrush — even a sonic one! This is where Power Spa can help. Its deep-reaching, pulsating jets of water can blast away food from hidden corners of the mouth.

 Pathological halitosis can be the result of both oral and systemic disease. Periodontal disease can contribute, so following the steps for subgingival cleaning with Power Spa can help prevent the associated halitosis. Using Power Spa in conjunction with a zesty mouthwash, such as Fresh+Protect, can add a boost of freshness to counteract halitosis in any case.

Using mouthwash with your edel+white oral irrigator

While water flossers have clinically proven efficacy with just water, you can amplify your irrigation with mouthwash. This is particularly beneficial for users who require special care or freshness, such as those with periodontal pockets or halitosis.

How to use:

If you have periodontitis, your dentist may suggest the use of a chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwash to prevent progression and facilitate healing. CHX rinses are compatible with edel+white water flossers, and the irrigation of periodontal pockets can be performed using the steps outlined below. However, always consult with your dentist prior to beginning.

Do not use any mouthwashes containing alcohol, as they will not only contribute to the degradation of your water flosser, but they also dry out the delicate tissues of your mouth. It is also advisable to avoid solutions containing essential oils, iodine or salt. edel+white mouthwashes do not contain any of these ingredients and they are alcohol-free, making them a perfect companion for your edel+white water flosser.

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