The importance of brushing early on

Tooth decay at a young age can impact childhood development, but with edel-white, you have all you need to prevent this!

Incidence of tooth decay in young children

13% of 2-year-olds

45% of 5-year-olds

50% of 7-year-olds

In addition to tooth decay, most children worldwide also show signs of gingivitis, which can lead to serious problems if left untreated.

Studies have shown that early use of toothpaste (before age 2) leads to higher tooth brushing frequency from age 6, so it’s important to get them into the habit of proper tooth brushing early on.

With 7 Früchtli, you can make tooth brushing a positive experience by introducing fun and education to the routine – we like to call this edutainment! Here's what inspired us to create our kids toothpastes.

Their healthy future is in your hands

Children are curious by nature and want to discover the world and parents can use this instinct to learn. In order to get young children to focus, learning should be fun. Just three minutes of tooth brushing feels like forever for an infant!

Young girl smiling with female dentist holding edelwhite Kids Flosserbrush with the softest bristles for children
Female dentist instructing young children how to brush their teeth with the edel+white Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush
Young boy with blue eyes smiling and holding up blue edel+white Kids Flosserbrush toothbrush

Independence begins with tooth brushing

Recent studies emphasise the importance of parental involvement in daily tooth brushing. The results of these studies show that brushing using techniques suitable for children but accompanied by parents leads to better oral health in children.

A playing child is a healthy child (and a happy one!)

Learning through playing promotes the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, motor and creative development. Therefore, learning should be as close to everyday life as possible.

If the parents offer the child playful tooth brushing, the child associates a feeling of joy with the routine. To achieve this, parents need to be creative. If they incorporate fun and games into tooth brushing, optimal oral hygiene can be learned very easily and all without coercion or drama.

Young girl with long blonde hair smiling and running through a field in the sun
Young blonde boy giggling and playing in the grass in the summer sun in a meadow

Awaken their joy for daily tooth brushing with fun and education

Playful approaches to brushing teeth are already supported by various manufacturers. They offer products that motivate children with original ideas and fascinating topics, thus awakening their joy for daily tooth brushing.

edelwhite’s 7 Früchtli children's toothpaste is a learning concept for early childhood development. With the help of parents, children playfully learn the rhythm of daily tooth brushing and place it in the context of other areas of knowledge such as fruits, colours and days of the week.