Flosserpik Lighthouse 

For high-tech water flossing

For the serious water flossers

Flosserpik Lighthouse is for serious water flossers who have successfully made water flossing a firm part of their daily routine. A cost-effective and time-saving alternative to other interdental cleaning methods, Flosserpik Lighthouse is a powerful water flosser that clears plaque and residual food from between teeth and along the gumline. Compact for a ‘desktop’ water flosser, it takes up minimal space on your bathroom shelf. Its large tank will provide more than enough water for you to thoroughly floss in one go, plus it can safely accommodate mouthwash dilutions so that you can amplify your routine.

More is more

Compared to competing water flossers and previous edel+white models, Flosserpik Lighthouse is…

Rather than a steady stream of water, it fires strong pulsating jets for a deep and powerful clean. Plus, its UltraSoft Konex HD brush head tip allows for dual-action cleaning.

For a ‘desktop’ model it is more slimline and has a thinner cable, making it far less intrusive and more attractive in your bathroom.

Using less plastic than our earlier models and with a decreased water consumption, it is more sustainable – especially compared to disposable interdental cleaning alternatives!

A dental hygienist on your bathroom shelf

Flosserpik Lighthouse includes all the features you need for a healthy mouth and more!

Dual-action cleaning

Included with Flosserpik Lighthouse are four expert attachments, one of which is tufted with edel+white’s signature UltraSoft Konex HD bristles. 

Their flexibility allows them to effortlessly adapt to the teeth’s contours, while their finely tapered tips reach between teeth and just beneath the gum line. 

This results in a deeper, more thorough clean, and therefore a higher disruption of plaque.

 In the case of Konex HD®, softness is not synonymous with weakness. Though they are 5x finer than regular UltraSoft bristles, they are 5x more durable than regular bristles. They are therefore more resistant than most, allowing them to clean gently, yet thoroughly, for longer.

Specialised attachments:


Flosserpik Lighthouse can be safely filled with diluted mouthwash to revitalise your routine with added freshness, making it the enemy of halitosis and your new best friend! You can even use chlorhexidine mouthwashes to heal wounds, ulcers and areas of inflammation. Flosserpik Lighthouse’s pointed jet tip is ideal for targeted application, so you can treat only the specific areas that need it. 

This handy collaboration between water flosser and mouthwash is only made possible by Flosserpik Lighthouse’s easily accessed tank. It is effortlessly cleaned after each use, preventing mouthwash build-up and prolonging the life of your water flosser – not to mention the health of your teeth and gums! 

Better than flossing

Interdental cleaning is essential for maintaining oral health via control of gum disease and tooth decay. Though traditional dental floss is one of the most popular methods for interdental cleaning, many people find using it challenging, meaning only around a third of the adult population use it, and even fewer use it correctly.

Water flossers are a far easier tool to master and with their range of tips and cleaning modes, they cater to more people’s specific needs. There is evidence to show that adding a water flosser versus alternative interdental cleaning methods to your routine provides significant benefits to oral health via:

And for those with implants, bridges or braces…

As you will know, traditional methods of interdental cleaning provide additional challenges when you have such dental fixtures. They can be difficult to manoeuvre, resulting in ineffective plaque removal – especially from those hard-to-reach areas. Water flossing with Lighthouse Desktop will make your life so much easier, as its powerful jets of water effortlessly flush out bacteria and food from around your appliance/s.

How to use

How to clean your Power Spa 

The UltraSoft Brush Head tip should be changed every 2 months. All other tips can be replaced every 6 months. We recommend regular cleaning of your Flosserpik Lighthouse tips (every 2-4 weeks depending on your usage pattern) by following these steps:

What's in the box?

Technical specifications

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Flosserpik 2018

If you have any queries about our discontinued 2018 Flosserpik model, you can access the manual and warranty information below. Alternatively, you can contact us.



2018 model edel-white Flosserpik oral irrigator with full size toothbrush head with ultra-soft bristles