Swiss toothbrush

What is a Swiss toothbrush? What makes it Swiss? Why Switzerland? We're here to answer all your Swiss toothbrush queries!

What defines a Swiss toothbrush?

A Swiss toothbrush is, unsurprisingly, a toothbrush that was made in Switzerland. It was made using Swiss machines operated by Swiss people, both of which reside in Switzerland. The toothbrush, the manufacturers and the manufacturers' machinery are all made in Switzerland.

What makes a Swiss toothbrush Swiss?

Other than the fact it is made in Switzerland on Swiss machines and by Swiss people, a Swiss toothbrush represents Swiss quality, the natural beauty of Switzerland and Swiss precision engineering.

Why Switzerland?

Our Swiss team are based in Basel, Switzerland. We are proud of Switzerland's reputation and wanted to create products to project our Swiss pride. Switzerland is known for its quality, precision engineering and its natural beauty. A Swiss toothbrush should therefore be of supreme quality, be designed and manufactured to the last detail and should emulate the natural beauty of Switzerland.