Dual Clean brush heads

Uniquely shaped brush heads that clean two teeth at a time

Swiss Sonic brush heads with ultra-soft bristles for deep cleaning sensitive teeth and gumsDual clean toothbrush head for edel-white Swiss hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush with ultra-soft bristlesedel white hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush with USB charger, quadrant timer and guaranteed replacement brush head

The softest and most flexible bristles on the market

Dual Clean brush heads with UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles, compatible with the Sonic Generation 8 Winner®. The size of these brush heads allow you to clean more than one tooth at a time, while the shape of the bristles adapt to the surfaces of the teeth for a thorough, yet gentle, clean.

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3 reasons to love the edel-white Dual Clean brush heads

Ultra-soft tapered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning. Durable and fine for cleaning between teeth


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Ultrasoft bristle brush two teeth at once for deeper and more efficient cleaning of teeth and gums


Swiss Dual Clean ultrasoft brush heads for edel+white hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush


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With added protection for implants and crowns

Some users can't get used to the sensation created by the high frequency and amplitude of the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® , so we developed the UltraSoft Dual Clean Airbag Brush Heads. These low impact brush heads are just as efficient as the original Dual Clean, but are coated with a protective material, which cushions the vibrations to prevent the sensation caused by the sonic's power.

New Dual Clean Airbag brush heads for soft gentle comfortable deep and thorough cleaning of teeth and gums

Here's why our customers love our Dual Clean brush heads

"...brushes precisely between the teeth and massages the gums at the same time!"

– Lachstark customer

"The brush heads are mega good, not only for teeth, is also recommended for the gums!"

– Lachstark customer

"They are very flexible... but still very good and reach also the interdental spaces"

– Amazon customer

Guaranteed 10-year availability for all brush heads, including Dual Clean

Did you know that a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush is far superior to other brushes?

A manual brush can only move as fast as your hand allows, which is around 300-400 strokes per minute. A sonic toothbrush such as edel+white's Sonic Generation 8 Winner® generates 42,000 brush strokes per minute, which is over 100 times faster – can you imagine brushing that fast manually?! Read more about why a sonic toothbrush is a superior toothbrush.

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