The next-generation Flosserpik

Water is the new floss

edelwhite specialist water flosser Flosserpik with jet tip, subgingival tip, UltraSoft toothbrush head and tongue cleaneredel white expert oral irrigator for water flossing, interdental cleaning, periodontitis and gum healthedel-white Flosserpik Swiss quality oral irrgator water flosser for healthy teeth and gumsFlosserpik Oral Wellness System expert attachments in travel case for healthy teeth and gums on the goFlosserpik water flosser jet tip, subgingival tip, ultra-soft toothbrush and tongue cleaner for healthy teeth and gumsedelwhite expert water flosser for deep cleaning of healthy white teeth and gumsedel-white specialist oral irrigator Flosserpik for deep cleaning and expert care

The tool that does it all

Oral irrigation is the next generation of flossing. This high-tech, cost-effective, time-saving tool is the gift that keeps on giving, as it will provide years of clean teeth and healthy gums with minimal electricity and water usage.

We have worked hard to refine the original Flosserpik 800 to make the fresh new Flosserpik 900 that is:

  • More effective: we’ve replaced a steady stream of water with strong pulsating jets that blast bacteria away. Plus you can save time and double the clean with the brush head tip, which combines water flossing with thorough tooth brushing.

  • More compact: its slimline design and thinner cable not only look sleek, but take up less space in your bathroom.

  • More sustainable: we’ve decreased the amount of plastic to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also decreased the water consumption per use by replacing a continuous stream of water with powerful pulses (which in turn boosts its efficiency – it’s a win-win!).

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Young woman peacefully floating and relaxing in the water smiling with healthy white teeth

4 reasons to love the NEW edel white Flosserpik

Expert Swiss Flosserpik oral irrigator has four specialist tips for a healthy smile


Flosserpik Swiss efficient water flosser cleans teeth and flosses at the same time


Oral irrigator water flosser massage mode soothes tender gums for a healthy smile


Specialist tips and expert cleaning of Flosserpik cares for braces, implants and bridges


Specialised tips for thorough cleaning

Impress your dentist with your at-home periodontal care

Flosserpik toothbrush head with ultrasoft bristles gently and thoroughly cleans teeth and gums


Oral irrigator subgingival tip cleans around teeth and gums and in periodontal pockets


Flosserpik water flosser jet tip cleans between teeth and along the gum line for a healthy smile


edelwhite tongue scraper tip for Flosserpik Oral Wellness System cleans the tongue for a healthy mouth


Perfect cleaning throughout the mouth

Each of the attachments were designed for a specific function to ensure thorough cleaning of the entire mouth with every use.

Integrating the new Flosserpik into your routine not only makes your life easier, but it also greatly boosts your oral health –particularly for those with additional cleaning challenges.

►Read more about how to use each tip

How to use the Swiss Dental Experts Flosserpik Oral Wellness System water flosser

How to use

  1. Hold the handle and point the nozzle into the sink, then press and hold the main button to power the device on.

  2. Rotate the main button to change mode then push the switch on the handle to adjust the water pressure (we recommend starting with the lowest pressure and gradually increase it over time).

  3. Lean over the sink and place the tip in your mouth before moving the pause switch to position 1 to enjoy irrigating (close your mouth around the attachment to prevent splashing).

  4. Position the water jet flow at a 90° angle to teeth and gums.

  5. Select your desired cleaning mode (clean, massage or fresh breath).

  6. The device should automatically turn off after a three minute cycle, but it can also be turned off my pressing the main power button.

Technical specifications

  • Four attachments including one brush head with UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles and vibrating action

  • Variable pressure control and pause button

  • 600 ml max. capacity

  • 100-240 V AC power | power consumption max. 18 W

  • Water protection class IPX4 | power transfer module IPX7

  • Warranty

  • 10 years guaranteed availability of replacement brush heads

  • Personal customer service provided by our Basel-based team


Flosserpik 2018

If you have any queries about our discontinued 2018 Flosserpik model, you can access the manual and warranty information below. Alternatively, you can contact us.



2018 model edel-white Flosserpik oral irrigator with full size toothbrush head with ultra-soft bristles

Would you leave 12 teeth uncleaned?

40% of each tooth is concealed within the space where two teeth meet. If you neglect to brush between the teeth, it's the equivalent of leaving an average of 12 whole teeth uncleaned...►Read more

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